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  1. Twinkle_Twinkle

    (HAA): Highlighter Addicts Anonymous

    I've really been loving the new NYX Duo Chromatic palette as of late. (The teal is actually a lavender/pink/blue shade.)
  2. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Foundation Pump for Prescriptives Bottles

    I know it's a bit of a long shot but has anyone had success in finding a foundation pump that fits Prescriptives bottles? Their bottle openings are a little wider than most so NARS and MAC aren't going to fit. I was wondering if maybe the Clinique pump would work… Thanks!!
  3. Twinkle_Twinkle

    NYX Cabaret Slim Pencil vs MAC Brick Lip Liner

    Does anyone know if these two are a dupe for each other or if there is a DS equivalent to Brick? Thanks!!!!
  4. Twinkle_Twinkle

    MAC MSF Natural Extension

    Hi all! I did at search for this and I couldn't finding anything but I apologize if it's a repeat thread/the topic has been addressed elsewhere, but… Has anyone seen, tried, or swatched the new shades in the MSF Natural line? They include Dark Golden, Dark Deepest and Dark Tan. Just...
  5. Twinkle_Twinkle

    MSFN As Concealer?

    Has anyone tried using a MSFN as a powder concealer/highlighter for under the eye area? I'm thinking of giving this a go as an alternative to liquid concealer (which almost always crease on me), cream concealer (which ALWAYS crease on me, and offers too much coverage) and as an option to...
  6. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Moving to Singapore - Looking for Advice

    Hello everyone, I'm moving to Singapore in early August and Im bringing my makeup collection with me. I had a few questions for you ladies. I understand that it is hot and humid nearly all of the time. Do you all even bother with foundation? And if you do, what do you find works for you...
  7. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Empty Blush Compact

    Hi all, I'm looking for an empty NARS Blush Compact. Is there anyone who depots their blushes that might have any they are willing to part with, or does anyone know where I could find one? Thanks!
  8. Twinkle_Twinkle

    $10 NARS eye shadow duos @

    I just randomly came across this on the Sephora website. You can get both Wicked and Cheyenne eye shadow duos for $10 each PLUS you can still use the F&F Code. I just purchased both and my order shipped for $23 (so $9 less than one of these regularly priced).
  9. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Refillable Palette Alternatives

    I'm of the mindset that I rather spend $$$ on products and not empty palettes to hold products, so I'm looking for cheaper palette alternatives to the MAC 15-pan. Has anyone used the ones from Stars Makeup Haven or even this site: Auraline Beauty Inc,brushes,eye shadow,palettes,PRIVATE...
  10. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Kat Von D Adora Palette

    Once upon a time there was a Kat Von D thread but now I can't find it. Weird. Anyway, the new Kat Von D LE Palette is available on the Sephora website. It looks cool although the picture from Musing of a Muse (Kat Von D Adora True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Wicked Fierce! | Musings of a...
  11. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Twinkle's Lipgloss Storage Solution!

    I've been trying to find a new lipgloss storage method for a while now. I was using a mini Steralite 3-drawer container, but I prefer my glosses to stand up rather than lay down. I got some great ideas from this forum and went looking in the fishing section of Walmart which is where I found...
  12. Twinkle_Twinkle

    UD De Slick Working For You All?

    Maybe it's too soon and maybe I'm expecting too much, but I'm not really seeing any oil-control with this product (which is exactly the same as Skindinavia's "No More Shine Makeup Finish" if you want to look up reviews). I've been wearing it to work (and I wait tables) so perhaps that's unfair...
  13. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Guerlain Meteorites

    Any WOC, particularly those with deeper complexions tried/use these. I'm especially interested in Myth as it's supposed to be a finishing powder, but I'm just wondering if it would be ashy, or do anything at all. Any thoughts?
  14. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Lancome Love

    Anyone have any Lancome love? I don't have a ton of Lancome, but I absolutely love their now discontinued brow powder compact, and I recently purchased and have really been liking the Duo Finish Powder. Their eye shadows are also really nice with a great soft texture. Just wondering if...
  15. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Vote for Amina!

    Hello everyone! My friend and our fellow Specktralite, known in the real world as Amina is a finalist in the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful contest. Please vote for her, A LOT! For every vote Bobbi will donate a $1 to Dress For Success. Here's the the link: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Voting ends...
  16. Twinkle_Twinkle

    My Prayers Have Been Answered!

    NARS makes a powder foundation shade darker than Jamaica! I know I'm probably a little late, but I just had to share my joy! Can't wait to order it!
  17. Twinkle_Twinkle

    New NARS Bronzer

    This caught my eye at Sephora yesterday. Bronzer Powder by NARS Cosmetics I passed because I don't think it works for my deep skin tone, but I did want to share with you lovely Specktralites. The swatch is deceiving. It is definitely not golden but more red toned, in the vein of Solar Riche...
  18. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Enkore's Makeup Brushes

    Has anyone else seen or tried these? I am really interested and may order a few of the set in a few days, although I am not sure how useful the eye brushes are actually going to be. Here's the link to his website: Makeup Brushes
  19. Twinkle_Twinkle

    NARS Crazed without the shimmer????

    I'm looking for a matte blush that is the same color as NARS' Crazed. Any suggestions?
  20. Twinkle_Twinkle

    Twinkle's March/April & 2 Days of May HAULIN'!!!

    I haven't posted here in a while, and I am actually really glad I took pictures of it all, because now I might actually slow down a bit. And without further adieu and in no particular order: Eco Tools Haul Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, & 5-Piece Set (All on sale at TJ Maxx...