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  1. pianohno


    I'm currently on holiday in Prague - I was wondering if any of you ladies knew which was the best MAC and Sephora to go to? I went in a Sephora on Wenceslas Square today but it was the size of a cupboard - and a VERY SMALL cupboard at that. I don't want to go home on Tuesday without a suitcase...
  2. pianohno

    Uk Mac

    Seeing as you can now buy pro pans and pallets on the US MAC site, I was wondering if anyone knew if we'd be able to do this on the UK one soon? Also, I've heard there's a F&F sale coming up in June - I take it that applies to the UK too right? Just wondered if anyone knew
  3. pianohno

    Need hair colour advice! *pics included*

    Okay ladies here's my problem: naturally my hair is ... well i'm not even sure. Its kinda light brown almost blonde, but it's really hard to class as a colour! Currently, I'm a blonde but ... I'm just not sure if it suits me as well as my brown did! TOP PIC: my all over brown (ignore how...
  4. pianohno

    Red blush!

    What do you think about MAC'S red blushes? Like Apple Red and Flame Red! Yay or Nay? Personally, I think they can look really flattering on some skin tones but too clown like for me as I've got quite a few pinky undertones so I just look a bit sunburnt ! Let me know what you girls think.