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  1. Pei


    My sunset-ish FOTD =) Wasn't mummies in their third trimester look glowy?!? My skin was reddish & blotchy now =( My T-zone to be exact... Thank god for liquid foundation =D
  2. Pei

    Last Season's FOTD

    =D Hadn't bought any new make-up lately. Hence, something from the last season's *blush*
  3. Pei

    Yellows & Greens

    Hiya all =) For those who hasn't "see" me for quite some time, just like to let u know that I have another obsession - Baby Stuff! I spend most of my time reading motherhood forums, reading baby care articles & shopping for baby stuff =D I'm now 29 weeks pregnant. Looking forward to see my...
  4. Pei

    A little bit of Sparkle in my life =)

    Hiya all =) My first FOTD in 2008 (soooo late =D) This year gonna be a really special one cos I'm expecting =) (Man, my baby is barely 10 weeks and I can't hide this secret anymore!) So...that kinda explain why my cheeks look so chubby now. I'd gained 2-3kgs lol Gynae advised me not too...
  5. Pei

    Coming Back to Make-up

    First FOTD from my new apartment =) Face MAC Mineralised LF NC 20 MAC Moisturecover NW 20 under eyes MAC Naked you MSF on cheeks MAC Fix+ Eyes UDPP MAC Bitter e/s on inner lids MAC Zeal e/s on outer lids Bourjois Beige rose on browbone MAC blacktrack F/L MAC Movershaker e/s on lower...
  6. Pei

    Happy Day FOTD =)

    I'm happy simply because...... the people around me are all healthy & happy =) I'm easily contented just like that! Tidied my hair =D (I have a laaaarge forehead i think!) Close-up for the eye
  7. Pei

    Not Gold But Silver

    Hiya all This is my FOTD~ Wore this to a National Day Celebration dinner. (Not formal) Thank u for viewing Comments greatly appreciated!
  8. Pei

    Our engagement pics =)

    Pei's ROM Photos! Update updates!!! I finally got the un-photoshopped version of our studio pics =) With tonnes of pictures! (Out of the 172pics =D) Lovely pics thanks to Santiago Wedding Studio, Photographer: Skyy Skyy is a truly awesome photographer <3
  9. Pei

    Peppier & Friends (Bonus:2 Engagement Pics =D)

    Pairing Peppier with Humid & Movershaker respectively =) "Bonus" Pics Me & my Husband *blush* Me & my Bestie ( I took off my braces!)
  10. Pei

    I finally took off my braces ;)

    I took off my braces! (Teeth are with in-born discolouration prob, hence the yellowness =D) Face & neck colour doesn't match here cos of the flash... Natural light - Do u still think that my foundation is too light for me? Close-up
  11. Pei

    Hello Again =)

    Hiya friends & newbies I'm missing out so much here! Feeling very guilty too =( Finally some FOTDs from me again cos my cam is back to normal Hope I can post more often! Happy Flash Braces Used: Eyes MAC Movershaker e/s (Brows) MAC MCover NW20 (Undereyes) MAC Jewel Blue e/s...
  12. Pei

    Reputation: University of Buffalo

    Hiya all, pls provide some feedback on this Uni! My bro planns to take BSc in Psychology. Thanks~
  13. Pei

    Black Tuesday

    I'm so freaking pissed with my cam! It went bonkers just like THAT! I did not knock, drop or do anything to it. Whatever pics I took just went distorted! It seems like some lenses prob. Argggh~ Blurry pics are nt my style...however i wanna share this BLACK look. I was feeling really...
  14. Pei

    I'm Smiling ear to ear becos....

    My boyfriend of 8 years proposed to me on this Valentine's Day =) We became shy all over again =D I'm..............superrr HAPPY!
  15. Pei

    Good Things Come in THREE =D

    Happy, happy. No more mascara for me! I hate all those rubbing & removing =P All MAC unless stated otherwise 1. Neutral Daylight Room light Close-up Eyes: Moisturecover NW20 Sable (Brows) Retrospeck (All over lids) Movershaker (Blended near lashline) Crystal Avalance (Inner lower...
  16. Pei

    I'm feeling bright =)

    Natural noon-light Room lighting Close-up on the eye Used: *All MAC unless stated otherwise* Face Select cover NC 20 (Sides of nose & blemishes) Studio Finish PP Glissade MSF (Love!=D) Eyes P+P eye Moisture cover NW 20 (Undereyes) Sable (Brows) Beiging SS Shimmermoss Chrome Yellow...
  17. Pei

    Late than Never

    I'm so silly, i forgotten to type Better in my title =D Well... Very late indeed. My Glissade Contribution. I love it! Very natural look. MU for my passport pic: I look silly when i smile. I need to learn lol Eyes close-up Used: (All MAC unless stated otherwise) Wedge (eyebrows)...
  18. Pei

    My MSF dropped out of the pan lol

    I discovered something interesting. I always knew it's made in Italy, nv did i know that MSF has such long history! (( Made in Italy. Since 1982)) Front - It's weird to c MSF like that =D It's like a piece of cookie lol
  19. Pei

    When u only have 3 eyeshadows =O

    Hey it's me again =) With my very simple MU routine. This tut is made for the ppl who love to read tuts (like me!) =) Very very amateur. But quite detailed.Pls bear with me. There's abt 30+ pics in all...soo..pls be patient! Hope u'll enjoy them *Wink*...
  20. Pei

    When there's only 3 E/S... =O

    Tutorial coming up......... Couldn't DL many pics of bad cables due to Taiwan's earthquake =( (Again, bless the Taiwanese!) - Tut uploaded! - Face: Naked you MSF + Wedge Brows: Movershaker + Wedge Eyes: Movershaker Idol eyes...