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  1. amelia.jayde


    totally didn't notice that little mascara smudge til i looked at the picture, but oh well. Face Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 1.0 Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 7.0 Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation...
  2. amelia.jayde

    bunch of FOTDs (pic heavy? kinda?)

    lol i look so bad when i try to take pics of my makeup Fall Inspired Eyes UDPP All That Glitters e/s Mythology e/s Coppering e/s Sketch e/s Golden Lemon p/m Blacktrack f/l Feline e/l Ardell 105 lashes Soba e/s for my brows Lips Creme Sherry c/s liner (i think) Surprise Me l/s Jingle Jangle...
  3. amelia.jayde

    Smoky With Color (inspired by MissChievous)

    What I Used: EYES UDPP Bare Study paint pot Pink Freeze eyeshadow Bon Fete eyeshadow (i think.. lol i can't tell which names go to which color in that palette) Knight Divine eyeshadow Carbon eyeshadow Stars N Rockets eyeshadow Black Loreal HIP cream eyeliner PlushLash mascara Smolder eye kohl...
  4. amelia.jayde

    Britney's new song!

    it's up on | - Jive Records what do you think of it? i love it!
  5. amelia.jayde

    Smoking Cloudbound <3

    this is a sort of golden neutral smoky look. i wore it yesterday when i went to mac to pick up a job application. (i didn't turn it in or anything yet, my GED tests aren't til next week but i have the paper now for when i can fill it out and turn it in) i didn't take any close up eye shots. i...
  6. amelia.jayde

    The Birthday Massacre!

    AHH! i ADORE this band. anyone who hasn't heard their music should listen to it! check out their myspace, below. - The Birthday Massacre - Toronto, CA - Alternative / Electronica / Industrial -
  7. amelia.jayde

    <3 |[red.eyes]| <3

    i really love mi'lady! the red looks much better on me than i thought it would. EYES UDPP lid; mi'lady m/e/s (red) crease; sketch e/s with mi'lady (red) ontop of it brow highlilght; phloof e/s eyebrows; showstopper e/s bottom lashline; sketch e/s inner corner; phloof e/s liner; blacktrack...
  8. amelia.jayde


    i hate it when people have a problem with you and they wont just be straight up and tell you. they just act all weird around you, avoid you, or say they don't wanna talk to you anymore or whatever. my friend hasn't said a word to me in a week and she just told me now that she "doesn't feel like...
  9. amelia.jayde

    Purple [&] Black [halloween] <3

    WHAT I USED eyes; UDPP, NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean, UD flash eyeshadow, carbon eyeshadow, UD SWF eyeshadow, showstopper eyeshadow (to fill in brows), prep & prime lash, almay one coat nourishing mascara lengthening, graphblack technikohl lips; plum royale creamstick liner, real...
  10. amelia.jayde


    second one i've posted on here lol. idk why my lashes always look so short in pictures. they don't in person, lmao. UDPP; lashline to brow Delft p/p; lid Big T e/s; ontop of delft Ether mineralize e/s; crease and a little bit above Cloudburst e/s; crease, but not as high as ether Phloof e/s...
  11. amelia.jayde

    balloonacy haul (and some non balloonacy stuff)

    helium p/m viz-a-violet p/m satellite dreams e/s little VI lustreglass
  12. amelia.jayde

    purple combinations

    i usually do parfait amour on the lid and nocturnelle in the crease/outer corner.. but i want to buy a few more purple shadows so i can do more purple looks. anyone have any recommendations?
  13. amelia.jayde

    First Eotd

    okay, so i'm REALLY nervous about posting this... but here it goes. i'm a trans girl and have been playing with makeup occasionally since August. pretend my brows aren't so nasty... i don't really have an excuse for them to be that way, but i know they're bad. i'm afraid to shape them myself...
  14. amelia.jayde

    small haul

    i went to ulta today and i got the following; smashbox photo finish foundation primer urban decay heavy metal glitter liner in headbanger urban decay ultraglide lip gloss in video some random bourjois lip gloss
  15. amelia.jayde


    hi, my name's amelia and i'm 16. i was lurking around a little bit yesterday, so i decided to join. i love makeup, but i suppose i'm a bit of a makeup newbie. anyway, idk what else to say so hi.