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    Lord and Taylor FF - 10% off Cosmetics (NARS!)

    go here to print
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    forehead bumps

    hey ladies, so ive gone to the dermatologist twice, first time she said it was rosacea and gave me finacea, which made it a litttttle better - what it looks like now is BETTER. the second time i went they gave me benzoyl peroxide prescriptions, thats def not going to help as it just dried me...
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    lovin.... and neighbors

    this is kindof embarassing but here goes! So i recently bought a condo in November. I started dating this guy in December, and recently we have started spending a lot of time together. So I am on the 4th floor, and the people below me have the exact same floor plan (so their bedroom is in...
  4. kimmae17

    buying a condo stress

    so i am trying to buy a place before the first home buyers tax credit ($8000) is up in december. Mostly my parents have been stalking me to do it since prices are low and you get the 8grand back. so i went to get preapproved for a mortgage and turns out my credit isnt so hot. i had two incidents...
  5. kimmae17

    Wen Hair Care I bought this off the infomercial. I LOVE IT. my hair is soooo soft and silky and manaegable. my hair is the weird in between texture. where if i let it air dry it looks limp, if i blow dry it it looks dried out. it looks great no matter what i do now!
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    work drama

    sooo about 6 months ago i had this guy sit in front of me at work (cubical in front of me) anyway we are about the same age, so we chit chat here and there, and then he asks me out. i say its not a good idea since we work together (code for - i just dont like you and want to be nice since i...
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    ansr photo light therapy

    has anyone tried this acne system?
  8. kimmae17

    dying my hair

    ok this is not super exciting but i wanted advice. i have always been a pretty pale blonde this is my old hair color (i am second from left) this is most recent pic of my ( i am in middle) i am paler and my hairs a bit darker this is me as a kid. i would describe that as a dark golden...
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    New Multiples on Nars Site!

    There are three new multiples on the site! They are listed as bronzers for different skin tones! NARS Cosmetics Multiple Bronzer
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    Derm Appointment

    ok i am freaking out. I went to the dermatologist two weeks ago becuase my skin was freaking out. in addition to looking at my face he did a full body check for abnormal freckles and all that. he removed a freckle on my back that he said looked a little darker than normal, and sent it away to be...
  11. kimmae17

    what do you think is used in this look?

    what eye products? what foundation shade? lip products - everything! thanks for your help!
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    crazy myspace faker

    so i stumbled upon a weird faker of me http://profile. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=user. viewprofile&friendID=41553961 at first i thought it was funny UNTIL i saw a bunch of pics like these http://s169. photobucket. com/albums/u240/kimmae17/?action=view¤t=fake5. jpg http://a663...
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    help with makeup sale issue

    So I had a sale over in LJ a few weeks ago. A woman bought a heatherette palette off of me. which in the sale was listed as tested once. She since recieving it, states that she was under the impression it was brand new, and wants her money back. (she privatedly messaged me during the sale and...
  14. kimmae17

    how do YOU use shu uemura cleansing oils

    do you cleanse after rinsing them off or not??? for some reason i cant get past the idea of putting oil on my face and just rinsing it, and not washing after.
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    does anyone else have bad digestional reactions to splenda? I get SEVERE stomach cramping and gas (gross I know) I was just wondering if anyone else had these problems
  16. kimmae17

    first FOTN on specktra!

    hello everyone! I have posted before on mac_cosmetics on livejournal, but never here! i did this pretty quickly while getting ready to go out and watching ferris buellers day off at the same time! suggestions for how to take a good FOTD pic (the flash totally washes me out, and what to use to...
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    Help w picking new hair color!

    Hi All! this is my first post! so exciting! I have been thinking about changing my hair color for some time. here are pics of me recently in the first i am second from the left here i am all the way on the left. i was considering strawberry blonde, but everywhere i read it says that...