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  1. Noel

    Sassed Up Question!

    Hey guys! I just ordered Sassed Up from the Fafi collection, but for those of you who have actually seen the product, is it really that glittery?? Is it sorta like an MSF shimmer/color? (I have never used an Iridescent Powder before) I don't know if I made the right choice cause I was debating...
  2. Noel

    Audrey Hepburn's lipstick color..

    I just finished watching Breakfast At Tiffany's for the first time and may I say she is absolutely gorgeous! At the beginning of the film, she puts on a lipstick color that looks like this: Does anyone know a similar shade that MAC might have?? All recommendations are welcomed, from...
  3. Noel

    Similar lipstick to LE Slimshine Bare??

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if you guys could recommend me any Mac lipsticks that are pretty close to the limited edition Slimshine Bare shade? I would just go buy Bare on eBay, but if I could find a lipstick instead, I'd prefer that much better. Thank you for your help!! I appreciate it!
  4. Noel

    Similar Lipstick to this picture???

    Hey all! I was searching in Specktra's Gallery when I came across this pic: I looovveeee her lipstick color. Would anyone know a similar shade to it? It looks like a very nude pink-ish/peach-ish color. I'm new to Mac so I know you guys could probably give me a better suggestion. Oh, and...
  5. Noel

    How long do eyeshadow palettes last for?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering how long does the average 4 eyeshadow palette lasts for? I know that the time can depend on how much you use each eyeshadow, but an estimate would be great! Thanks for your help.
  6. Noel

    Brew or Barely Lit l/s?

    Hey guys! I'm buying some stuff from the MAC website today, and I can't decide between buying Brew or Barely Lit lipstick! I'm also getting the Smokey Eyes: Eye Shadow x 4 from the Smoke Signals collection, so which lipstick do you think would better complement the eye shadows as a nude lip...
  7. Noel

    A lipstick similar to 15 Minutes l/s?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a pink-ish/nude type of lipstick similar to that of 15 minutes. This is gunna be my first ever MAC lipstick too btw!! I came upon 15 minutes and thought it was soooo gorgeous, but found out that it was a limited edition. *boooo* So if you guys could...
  8. Noel

    Ugly Betty

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone else here watches ABC's, Ugly Betty?? ( I recently started to watch the show and it's really REALLY good! :P I have to say that my favorite characters are Henry (he's SOOOO adorable and is such a...
  9. Noel

    New To Mac!!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to MAC and just recently bought my first Mac product: a Mac Lipglass in Prrr. I'm looking to buy something else, but I have no idea what, lol. I'm 20 years old, have dark brownish/blackish hair, and have brown eyes. I love any type of lipgloss in a peachy/pinkish/nude...