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    Found a Pink Bronze dupe!

    It seems that the Pink Bronze pigment is EXACTLY the same colour as Physicans Formula virtual eyes loose eyeshadow in Metal Sun. I have only the loose powder version, but I imagine the gloss and pencil version would also the be same colour. Pink Bronze is on the left, Metal Sun is on the...
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    Daylight Savings Times!

    Since most of Canada and US switched over to Daylight Savings three weeks earlier (we gain an extra hour) than the rest of the world, I've noticed on Spectra that everything is an hour behind us (or we're an hour infront). Lol'ed, I got confused for the first couple days and thought people...
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    Too good to be True?

    I saw this shadestick on ebay. The buy it now price is only $4.00 and shipping from Canada is $1.00.... are shadesticks that cheap? or do you think its a fraud?
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    Forest Green pigment RIP?

    can't find anymore forest green pigment on the website! its one of my favorite pigments, has it been d/s or are they just glitchy on the site?
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    Fake Pigment Samples off Ebay?

    Hi, I was new to MAC when I bought these pigment samples off Ebay. It seems too good to be true, but I had no idea of what what the standards then. After I recieved the product the colour spectrum was different from what was described and all the "pigments" were extremely powdery and sparkly...