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  1. Rebellefleur

    Fake wonder woman blush

    I just randomly found this on ebay and wanted to share.. because.. why not? lets have a laugh cause... they didnt even try. LOL
  2. Rebellefleur

    Gerard Cosmetics

    Have any of you tried anything from this brand?! I havent seen a thread yet so I decided to start one and get your thoughts on the brand ! I discovered it on instagram, it was then followed by a ton of sponsored review videos on my youtube feed, the brand started off as whitening...
  3. Rebellefleur

    Fake MAC MSF's

    The fakes are getting better and better, I seen one the other day I believe it was porcelain pink, the color and the veining was off but it was selling for a ridiculous price - Yes someone actually bought it, I wish I would have screen shot it,the box was also off saying "mineralized skinfinish...
  4. Rebellefleur

    Currently on the hunt for any lipstick from the MAC Dame Edna collection

    Hello! so ive been on the hunt for a lipstick, any one from the dame edna collection, if anyone is selling their back ups or selling one let me know please! thank you!
  5. Rebellefleur

    Joe Fresh cosmetics

    Joe fresh is a brand that was exclusive to loblaws here in canada but is now making their way into the states (JC Penny?). Ive been fortunate enough to try a lot from this brand back in the days when I worked for loblaws, I was able to get a ton of their eyeshadows onsale for (5 cents) They have...
  6. Rebellefleur

    Annabelle Cosmetics

    Have any of you guys tried stuff from annabelle? Ive actually tried quite a lot from their line since I used to work at a store that sold their stuff. Annabelle has pretty good, and its affordable. Ive tried their glitter eyeliners - one of my fave products from them, lipglosses - decent...