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  1. summerblue

    Shu Uemura Application & Competition

    I tried to post this yesterday, as I got an email from Shu, but specktra wouldn't let me ??? So, for whatever this might be worth to someone:;450328;1288124403;3;02&R=T1_ONL&A=1007
  2. summerblue

    Question about MAC Brill e/s

    As I've only been following MAC for less than 3 years now, I'm not up on past collections & repromotes. I believe Brill was originally & only released in a quad, however, I see all over the swap sites & Ebay this being sold/swapped in a singular pot form. Can anyone tell me if Brill e/s was ever...
  3. summerblue

    Aromaleigh MM closing

    Just to give you gals a heads-up, Aromaleigh is closing up in, apparently, the next 2 weeks. For the next 2 weeks, there's 35%-off of anything ordered. Link
  4. summerblue

    MAC changed pigment sizes overnight, last night!

    Yesterday, I checked MAC online & the pigments were still showing 7.5 grams which I was hoping would hold for their 25%-off Sale this month. Today I went back & the pigments are now 4.5 grams for the same $19.50. I called MAC & she said that the 7.5 gram size was dc'd. overnight (& it also...
  5. summerblue

    MAC 'Hello Kitty' Jewelry on QVC

    Wow, I must be a johnny (janie?)-come-lately, but I just saw all the Hello Kitty jewelry pieces carried by QVC.
  6. summerblue

    Hello from Long Island, NY!

    Although I've come across countless times in my google searches, last night was the 1st time I actually stepped in to look around the site & instantly joined. I just know I'm gonna love it here! After looking at the MAC pigment swatches, I just can't wait until I fulfill my 20 posts...