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  1. jadiepyne

    What collection if any are these from?

    So I've just found these in my make up box... Does anyone have any idea when they came out? I've never used them before and not sure how the pigments even work!
  2. jadiepyne

    Mac Powder Help

    Hi Ladies, so I bought a powder online the other day, and realise that I have bought the wrong shade! I usually use NW25 and Ive bought a NC30 (dont ask me how I managed that haha!) Is the colour going to be totally wrong for me, or will I be ok? Thank you!!
  3. jadiepyne

    Mac - Wowcher

    So a few weeks ago there was a Mac lipstick and lipliner deal on wowcher, I decided to buy 2 of the lipsticks to see what they were like, they have just turned up and they are perfect! I bought Plink! and Lovelorn. Very happy as I wanted them, and managed to get them for £10 each! Did anyone...
  4. jadiepyne

    Mac haul - secretsales

    So Mac was on secretsales (not sure if anyone else uses this!) but I decided to buy a few things. Has anyone else bought from them as well? Excited to see when it arrives
  5. jadiepyne

    Have I bought a Fake MAC Riri Lipstick??

    So Ive just bought a Riri Lipstick from Ebay, it was very cheap (£5) but Im thinking there is a reason for it...... I will post more picture when it arrives, but I now dont even think it came in this colour!
  6. jadiepyne

    Where can I get LE Lipsticks?

    Hi All, Just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to where I might be able to find limited edition lipsticks apart from ebay? Im in the UK and have managed to find a few, but I am worried about getting a fake!