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  1. IDontKnowMomo

    I can't stop using yellow eyeshadows...

    oops. My eye makeup is pretty truly represented in these pictures but my skin looks way more glittery than irl ;-; I just can't win. Going to see the midnight premier of Predators tonight ;D eyes udpp Mehron Pro Jumbo Pencil in Super White UD e/s in Yeyo MUFE e/s in #20 Mac e/s in Brule, Brun...
  2. IDontKnowMomo

    Yellow and Green look

    Wore this to go see Eclipse with my sister and her boyfriend haha. Sorry about the crappy hair, I'm going it out and it's terrible. As for the slightly awkward pictures, I really can't take a good photo of my makeup anymore... I need to find a new location to take them or something. eyes UDPP...
  3. IDontKnowMomo

    3 FOTDs

    Haven't posted in forever, I have the internet now though, so I'll try to post regularly again <3 face Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 Studio Fix in NC25 Fix+ Brun on brows eyes udpp Painterly Paintpot Cool Heat, Creme Royal, Lucky Tom, Bronze, Rice paper...
  4. IDontKnowMomo

    post your acrylic nails!

    I love looking at acrylic nails and unfortunately I dont they come up in the notd thread enough! I thought maybe they would get more posts if they had their own thread. I did a search and didn't see another thread like this but if there is feel free to delete this one if there is. I'm posting...
  5. IDontKnowMomo

    Will the Inglot shop in NYC ship orders to other states with phone orders?

    I'm dying to get some Inglot shadows,has anybody done this with the store in NYC? How much/fast was shipping?
  6. IDontKnowMomo

    In heaven everything is fine

    FACE P+P Face Bobbi Brown Corrector Studio Finish SFF Laura Geller Balance and Brighten Mac Hipness blush EYES UDPP Mehron Pro Jumbo Pencil in Super White Yeyo UD e/s 02 MUFE e/s Ladscape green mac pigment Rimmel Liquid liner and mascara LIPS Bare Slimshine FACE P+P Face Bobbi Brown...
  7. IDontKnowMomo

    I love Basic Red pigment!

    I'm getting a little addicted to pigment samples face Mac P+P Face Mac SFF Bobbi Brown Corrector Mac Studio Finish Concealer Laura Geller Balance 'n' Brighten Mac Emote Blush eyes UDPP Mac Painterly Paintpot Mac e/s in Brun, phloof!, Brule Mac pigment in Bright Fuchsia and Basic Red Rimme...
  8. IDontKnowMomo

    And I was like "yeah whatever"

    Hello everybody! These pictures all seem blurry and too contrasty to me, but I hope you still like them. I start cosmetology school tomorrow and I'm super excited I also have tons of makeup I've ordered that should be coming in the mail, so expect lots of FOTDS! face Mac P+P face Mac SFF Laura...
  9. IDontKnowMomo

    What foundation pallet to get?

    I want the best deal for a decently wide range of colors, or at least things that I could easily mix. I've currently got my eye on they Yaby pallets Product Details - Details about Products and tools for the professional makeup artist for print, tv, film, catalogues, bridal and more - with...
  10. IDontKnowMomo


    Face Mac P+P Face Mac Studio Fix Fluid Bobby Brown Corrector in Peach Mac Studio Finish concealer Benefit Moon Beam Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Mac Pressed Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sands Too Faced no named blush Eyes UDPP Macs Painterly Paintpot Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Gash Mac eyeshadow in...
  11. IDontKnowMomo

    F&F and Lush haul!

    I gottttt Another 217 Dejarose fragrance Frankly Scarlet and Raizin Pro Pan blush Juxt, Swimming, Plumage, and Sketch Pro Pan e/s Two pallets Lush Buffy, Whoosh, You Snap The Whip, Ring of Roses, Lemslip, and Porridge And after I de-potted things So excited
  12. IDontKnowMomo

    Help! Just started sing Ebay and couldn't find any info on this seller.

    I did a search for this seller and did not find anything. Here's an item they are selling that I am interested in Click Fake or real?
  13. IDontKnowMomo

    Ebay help! I can't view ANY health or beauty products :(

    Okay, so any time I click on any listing on ebay that is under health and beauty I get this error "Dear User: Unfortunately, access to this particular listing or item has been blocked due to a Paris commercial court decision that bans trade of certain authentic perfumes and cosmetic products...
  14. IDontKnowMomo

    I can make your heartbeat rock

    This look is pretty unsatifactory... face Mac P+P Face Studio Fix Fluid Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector Mac Studio Finish Concealer Benefit Moon Beam Bare Essentials Mineral Veil Mac blush in Honour Aveda blush in Paprika eyes UDPP Mac Painterly Paintpot Mac Shadestick in Overcast Mac e/s in Brun...
  15. IDontKnowMomo

    Waiting for my F&F goodies!

    I'm not patient at all haha. I have like five different orders that are coming in my mail. Soap from Etsy, Lush, and mac face Mac P+P Face Studio Fix Fluid Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector Mac Studio Finish Concealer Benefit Moon Beam Bare Essentials Mineral Veil Mac blushes in Honour and Hushabye...
  16. IDontKnowMomo

    Where can I find the Pretika system for les than thirty dollars online?

    It's not on Rite-aids website and it's not on HSNs website either I really would love to try this product.
  17. IDontKnowMomo

    Soap sellers on Etsy

    I couldn't find any other threads on this. Does anybody have any favorite soap sellers on Etsy? I just joined and already have a huge list of people I want to order from
  18. IDontKnowMomo

    first time posting with this haircut 8D

    face P+P Face Mac Select Tint foundation Laura Geller Balance and Brighten powder Warmed MSF Fawntastic CCB eyes UDPP Painterly paintpot Brun, Purple Haze, Carbon and Phloof! e/s from Mac Vanilla pigment MUFE 99 lips Macs Sashimi Mimi
  19. IDontKnowMomo

    Ginvera Marvel Gel

    OMG I want this stuff SO badly. I wish it was available for a lower price in the US YouTube - Ginvera Marvel Gel Anybody tried it?
  20. IDontKnowMomo

    Taking a break from packing to post a FOTD

    I'm moving to Minnesota on Saturday and I'm getting a bit tired of packing up all of my junk haha face Mac P+P face TheBalm Balm Shelter concealer Laura Geller Balance 'n' Brighten face powder Perfect Topping MSF Hipness blush eyes UDPP Painterly Paintpot MUD e/s in Tea Tree Tigi Bed Head e/s...