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    Hi everyone-back after a long hiatus from the MU world!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to re-introduce myself to the community-I'm back after a long break! $$ got tight and I just couldn't take handle the temptation of seeing all the new info on MAC collections and hauls, LOL! I'm looking forward to contributing to the community again now though :)!
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    Recs for the type of M/U to wear for a swimsuit photoshoot?

    I figured I'd post this because I know there are a lot of professional makeup arists, as well as knowledgeable members, who have worked on photoshoots previously! I'm actually having my first swimsuit photoshoot (super excited ) tomorrow-just scheduled it yesterday, I usually don't go for...
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    Simple Pewter Smoky Eye + My First Attempt at Filling in My Brows!

    My first attempt at filling in my brows! CC really appreciated on this one as I have no idea if I did it right! Thank you :-) PRODUCTS USED: Eyes: MAC Painterly Paint Pot MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin E.L.F. Drama Eye Quad MAC Smolder Eye Kohl MAC Prep + Prime Lash MAX Factor 2000 Calorie...
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    Electric Blue Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips!

    I've been posting a lot of FOTDs lately-here is my third in as many days! I probably won't have as much time to do these soon though but for now I'm enjoying it! Products Used: EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Painterly Paint Pot MAC Otherworldly Paint Pot (LE, McQueen). MAC...
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    My 'Bumblebee' Inspired FOTD Look!

    This was inspired by a bumblebee-I usually don't use these colors but I really like it! PRODUCTS USED: EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Yellow L'oreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo in Striking Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Eyeshadow in Rich NYX Eyeshadow Single in Vanilla Sky...
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    Mint Green Smoky Eyes and Spank Me (yes, really) lips!

    First FOTD for August! I was just in the mood for green today-plus this look gave me a chance to try out some new products, including my new Archetype Mineral Lip Gloss and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush baked eyeshadow! The first picture was taken with flash so the eyes are a little washed out...
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    Tips for getting Smolder to LAST on the waterline?

    I have a problem-Smolder, and basically every other eyeliner, has a tendency to just disappear from my waterline! I don't rub my eyes and they aren't particularly watery so I have no idea why this is happening, but does anyone have any tips to prevent it? Thanks!
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    Hot Pink Lips with Heatherette Hollywood Nights!

    I tried to get an up-close photo of the lips but my camera wasn't cooperating, unfortunately! This is my Heatherette Hollywood Nights look-a bit outside my comfort zone, as I usually go for smoky eyes and peachy-nude lips, but I like it! Just wanted to share Products Used: EYES: Sally...
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    Strike A Pose FOTD

    This look was inspired by the Strike A Pose Face Chart from Love that Look. I used a more pinky shade on the lips than the official look though but I personally think I did an OK job. CC appreciated, as always! Products Used: EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Painterly Paint Pot...
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    Cranberry Pink/Purple Eyes with Winged Liner!

    Products Used: EYES: Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base- NYX Trio Shade 1 from the Rock and Roll palette (matte bisque color). Used as a wash from lid to brow and applied as an under brow highlighter and inner corner color. Ben Nye Illuminiere Iced Gold 1/3 of lid...
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    Inspired by Lara Croft, Tomb Raider!

    I'm not sure how close I got it, but I've always admired how good Lara good looks while roughing it, stealing ancient relics and often-times even shooting mummies. Her T-zone must be a mess at the end of the day Products Used: FACE: Fyrinnae Silica Gel Primer MUFE Full Cover Concealer...
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    Retro Pin-Up Inspired Red Lips Look!

    This isn't the kind of look I generally go for but I was just in the mood for something different. After looking at the pics, I realize that the eyeliner would have looked much better with a more dramatic wing, but oh well-live and learn. Products used: FACE: Fyrinnae Gel Primer MUFE Full...
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    Is Tropic a LE color?

    Is Tropic a perm? color from Nars? I just saw it and I adore it but I'm trying to figure out if I put off this lemming off for a little while. Does Nars even do LE stuff? I'm so used to the mad-grab for MAC limited edition products, lol!
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    Fake NARS Blushes?

    I know this is the counterfeit MAC section but I didn't know where else to post this. I just found a seller who had what looked like genuine stuff, as well as this set of NARS 2 color blush palettes. Are these real? Do they even exsist? Thanks!
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    Silver Smoky Eye FOTD

    This is a wearable daytime silver/grey smoky eye look that I came up with. I was planning of entering into MUG's contest with it. My apologies for the clumped lashes-I just can't figure out how to use that oh-so complicated lash comb. FACE: Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Face Primer. Make Up...
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    Blue Smoky Eye Using New NYX Trio-also my 1st ever FOTD

    Please be nice! This is my first ever FOTD-not just on Specktra but anywhere! I'm sorry I didn't get very good up-close eye pics, I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to taking photos of myself. Products used: EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Painterly Paint Pot-lid to brow...
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    What is the 'tape method'?

    I saw this mentioned in a few posts but ran a search and c ouldn't find any specific mention of how to do it...if anyone could tell me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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    St. Germain VS Melrose Mood/Snob

    I already have both Melrose Mood and Snob-do I really need Saint Germain? Thanks!
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    Out to Shock LS Dupe?

    What is the closest dupe for Out To Shock from the C-Shock collection? Thanks!
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    Does Fyrinnae make any MAC Pigment dupes?

    Just curious if anyone knew of any dupes off-hand. Thanks!