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  1. Eowyn

    Help! The Lipgelees from the Asia exclusive...

    I am in LOVE, love LOVE with the Flattery one. Are these going to be released at ALL in the states? Shoot, are they even still for sale? Oy, I'm SO out of the loop, this is so bad! I'm usually more up on my collections. I NEED that lipgelee though!! THanks gals!!
  2. Eowyn

    My first ever NICE experience at a Pro store...

    Wens. I popped in to buy some palettes and FINALLY see the Barbie Collection in person (and buy some items) The gal there was SUPER nice, loaded me up with about 6 other pigment samples and she even gave me some empty sample jars!! I have NEVER had such good service there, this was the one in...
  3. Eowyn

    New Pigments in near future??

    I know the red one is coming out, but any other on the plan for fall?? I didn't see any reference, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  4. Eowyn

    MAC store....

    *usually a lurker here* Okay, everytime I go to the MAC store (the freestanding one) I get horrid CS. I mean every single time. And it's always different people too. It it because I walk in there with a stroller with a child in it? I went a couple weeks ago, and couldn't get anyone to help...
  5. Eowyn

    Rumours..New pigments this fall??

    I have heard from several MA's that there are rumours of more pigments being released this fall. Any thoughts on this? I can't get anyone to confirm, but I keep hearing rumours.... *crosses fingers* Perhaps Smoked Mauve will be released in a future collection???
  6. Eowyn


    Hello everyone! I've been lurking here since the site opened....finally decided to register! :