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    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    Interested in warm soul.
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    MAC Discontinued Natural Hair Brushes - new in sleeve

    How many 221 brushes do you have? What is the country of manufacture? Do you guarantee authenticity?
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    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    I would love to have Warm Soul if it's the original formula. Please email me directly at [email protected]
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    ISO: MAC Haute Altitude lipstick

    Message me at [email protected] Please indicate condition and price. Thanks.
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    Not sure I can post this, but has anyone tried... I'm in love with the fall/winter 88 palette, but not sure about the quality. I am not a WOC, but the shades in that palette are gorgeous. Anyone with some advice? I don't have any 88 palettes like from Coastal Scents, etc. so I have nothing to compare it to in that...
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    Greetings from Virginia! Great website.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying all the entries. So much information!!
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    Hello from Virginia

    Hi Everyone....I'm new to Specktra, but I'm enjoying reading all the posts very much. Right now I'm using a lot of Ben Nye eye shadows and I'm experiencing with different brushes to see which ones I like the most. I just received a complete set of Sigma brushes. I can't wait to use them.