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  1. spoiledkiwi

    Olive foundations?

    I'm Indian and I haven't been able to find a foundation that's green enough to match my skin. I currently use Studio Fix powder in C40 but it's slightly more orange than my skin which seems to be a more greenish color. I've tried a lot of other MAC, Bobbi Brown, and drugstore foundations and...
  2. spoiledkiwi

    EOTD-Blue & Lavender

    This is my first time posting a look! I have a lot of MAC products that I buy because they're pretty but I never know how to use them, so I figured I would give it a try instead of having them sit in my drawer. The products I used are: MAC Taupeless MAC Ingenue Blue MAC Trax EL Pure Color...
  3. spoiledkiwi

    Dior Hydraction Deep Hydration Skin Tint?

    Anyone tried this? How does it compare to Laura Mercier's TM?
  4. spoiledkiwi

    Peach lipstick for NC40

    I'm looking for a medium peachy-nude lipstick, preferably matte. All of the ones I've tried have either been too light in color or too orange. I used to use MAC's tinted lip balm in Angel Kiss years ago and it was the perfect color, but I can't find a similar lipstick.
  5. spoiledkiwi

    Does Studio Fix Change Color in the Pan Over Time?

    I recently tried on a Studio Fix in NC35 that I had for two years, to see if I should re-buy the same color. It looked chalkier and lighter than I remembered, so I bought a C40 which was too dark and muddy. Is it possible that the shade changed over the two years? I know liquids change, but I...