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  1. Jello89

    Japan Help

    Hello Everyone! I dunno if this is the right place to ask.. Im planning on going to Japan with my best friend in the near future. However, Im really not familiar with this location. I live in Canada. I will most probably want to stay in Tokyo. I would like to be in the city and alot happening...
  2. Jello89


    Hey everyone. I need a bit of help. I want to organize the beauty things in my my room and for now what I have is a big dresser that opens with two doors. It has three shelves inside. I was thinking of making the top shelf my beauty stuff. I was going to install i square mirror on each door. The...
  3. Jello89

    My itty bitty collection:)

    This is my makeup case. Starting to get very messy and cluttered:P These are my MAC eyeshadows In the palette of 15 Top Row: Cranberry, Bronze, Twinks, Embark, Plumage Middle Row: Expensive Pink, All that Glitters, Sable, Sumptuous olive, Pharmacy brand Bottom Row: Paradisco, Amber lights...
  4. Jello89

    QUO face Primer vs Smashbox Primer

    Can anyone compare the two? Pros and Cons? Cause its about half the price and the ingredients are mostly the same.
  5. Jello89

    Quick Pill question.

    Hi everyone. Ive been on the pill for three months now. I have a pack with sugar pills. Next week Im spending a week alone with my bf. Its the week that Im supposed to take the sugar pills and get by period. What if I just go straight to a new pack instead of going for the sugar pills? Will it...
  6. Jello89


    Hey guys, I need some help. I never bought on Ebay before...what do you think of this? MAC Eyeshadow Quad: FAFI EYES 2 - NIB & LMT EDT! - eBay (item 170223602229 end time Jun-02-08 11:33:00 PDT)
  7. Jello89

    Hello from Montreal!

    Hey everybody Ive been lurking for a while and finally decided to join!( I couldnt resist the urge to post:P This place is great. I love makeup, but I have just discovered the wonders of MAC!