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  1. Holy Rapture

    Hair Cut recs for Wavy hair!

    Alright, I've waited too long and it will be plain stupid not to ask all you guys for help!! I have a little longer than shoulder-length hair when straightened and shoulder-length when it's natural wavy self. Pics here :- Now, what I really need are recs from you guys for a new hair cut...
  2. Holy Rapture

    Holy Rapture's first ever FOTD!! (Lots of Pics)

    Okie, here I am ... This is the look my sweetheart MA Kangna created for me This was on the BBR theme day - 14 March and the look was Live and Dye (with total creative freedom given by me ) Oh and pardon the pic quality. It's my cell cam pics! Products used Eyes :- Beiging Shade stick (as...
  3. Holy Rapture

    Ever had a flat wash-board like stomach ?

    Okie, so after blowing major $$$ on a gym membership last year, I realized that gyms are not meant for me But, as of now, I've lost 15 pounds and maintained it well. Infact, am losing more Thankfully, it's all coz of some sensible things I did. Anyhow, now the thing is, no matter how much...
  4. Holy Rapture

    LOTD - Peached out! (First ever pics here)

    I've been trying to find the mods to ask them if LOTD's are allowed in the FOTD forum ... I apologize in advance, if this is the wrong place I'm wearing this today. Super-nervous since this is my first ever pic here ... All comments and CC's are welcome P.S - These are cell cam pics so, not...
  5. Holy Rapture

    My MAC haul (First post!)

    Ookie, finally I stopped being lazy and got down to the business of clicking some pics of my MAC haul (Dubai + India) ... It's not too big though Enjoy, as I do everyday .... Oh and please pardon the pic quality ... These are all cell cam pics Here goes : The whole haul stash! I'd wanted...
  6. Holy Rapture

    To make y'all smile or rofl like me!!

    Garter Snakes (Thamnophissirtalis) Garden Grass Snakes also known as Garter Snakes...
  7. Holy Rapture

    Everyday favourite face moisturiser & body lotion

    So, I was just thinking about all the products we keep trying for the face and body Have you finally found that perfect or near perfect face moisturiser or body lotion yet ? Well, like I have combination skin. My T-zone is oily and the rest of the face is normal. I had to try a lot of products...
  8. Holy Rapture

    Delhi, India

    I noticed that there's no one around on Specktra who is from India and living here (I could be wrong!); atleast no active member Am just starting this thread so that if there's anyone on in here from Delhi or is likely to visit sometime, we could talk about it here Hope to see some activity
  9. Holy Rapture

    Miss World 2008

    Well, I did watch the pageant sometimes in between my channel surfing And even though I found it mostly boring, the winners were pretty good Also, McFly performed 5 colors So, here's the winners' list :- Miss World 2008 is Miss Russia - Ksenia Sukhinova 1st runner-up Miss World 2008 is Miss...
  10. Holy Rapture

    How does your desktop look today ?

    I keep changing my wallpapers n fonts, like nearly everyday. Was wondering ... Why don't we all put up pics of what our desktop looks like today n as you keep changing it day after day, keep posting too Could be cute n fun! Leme start!! Yay Flickr: Anvika's Photostream
  11. Holy Rapture

    Bored, are you ??

    I am so bored right now! I mean, the last work I finished was like a week back. Now, am jus sittin and going through Specktra n trying to find something that keeps me from gettin bored Not workin yet, though! Are you bored ? Y ? Where are you n what're you doin bout it ?
  12. Holy Rapture

    How long would your tops/ dresses last ?

    Okie, honestly, I don't know if this really goes here, but, anyhow ... How long do you think your tops/ dresses would last, if you were not to repeat any of them in any whichever way ? I mean they would finish eventually n the repeat session would start ... Haha Like I joined my new job in...
  13. Holy Rapture

    Hey from India!

    Hey all, I am HR from India. I had been jus reading stuff off of here for sometime, so, finally tot it's time to join in Love the variations ... Talk bout anything ... So cool!