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  1. Lil_D

    How cool would it be if Mac...

    had a Smurfs collection? That used to be one of my all time favorite cartoon as a kid or if they had other 80's cartoon collections. Just a thought. Let's hear all of your favorite cartoons you would like to see from MAC?
  2. Lil_D

    Would you give a guy a chance....

    My question is... if you're official with a guy haven't had sex yet but then he drops the bomb that he has HPV would you give him a chance? Would like to hear your input ladies.
  3. Lil_D

    Patina n Coppering!

    MAC Vanilla e/s on brow bone MAC Patina e/s Lid goin up to crease MAC Coppering e/s on crease MAC Beauty Marked e/s on outter corner v-shape MAC Raven e/l (LE) upper and lower lash line MAC Blacktrack f/l lower rim of eye Sephora Brand Long Lasting Liquid Liner in Taupe (it's a beautiful brown...
  4. Lil_D

    A lil bit of Naughty, Heatherette, & Solar Field.

    Hey Guys! I've been lurkin on here for a couple years and I decided to put up some of my pics up. Enjoy everyone. EYES: UDPP Shroom e/s- brow bone highlight Bell Bottom Blue p/m- inner corner Pink Pearl p/m- middle lid goin up to creas and slightly over Bell Bottom Blue on crease. Black Ore...
  5. Lil_D

    My Sexy Beaches! 90% is MAC

    I finally did it I took the Pic's Enjoy!
  6. Lil_D

    90's Music

    I sorda got bored of the electronica music that I have since I have been listening to it most of my life I have decided to add some old skool early 90's music so far I have downloaded Ice Ice Baby, a few NKOTB not gonna lie I dig some of their songs. hehe Now when I listen to their music it's...
  7. Lil_D

    Friend freaked out on me.

    OK here it goes I usually hate ranting but I am so pissed off at her that I have to. Well, I have the love and passion for M.A.C make-up and the artistry and I have invested a ton on money for my hobby. Last week I was in a music video but the make-up artist sketched out so I had to run home...
  8. Lil_D

    Copperclast and Sunpepper Pigments???

    I have sunpepper but the girl at the counter showed me the copperclast pigment is it me or do they both look like its the same color but different names? I'm confused I don't want to buy copperclast then want to return it because it looks like sunpepper if someone can help me it would be greatly...
  9. Lil_D

    Jane Iredale

    Hey guys I tried the Jane Iredale foundation and this stuff is amazing. I used to use BE it was good on my face for a while but after that my face was breaking out. I have been using Jane Iredale since August and my face hasn't broken out once. This stuff has a lot of anti oxcidents makes the...
  10. Lil_D

    Paris Hilton- Just Me

    I tested the perfume out and I really liked it better than the first one. Just Me perfume smells identical to Lancome's Miracle perfume. My question is does Just Me stay on long? Thank you, ~Diana
  11. Lil_D

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Diana... I currently reside in Washington state. I have been lurking on this site for some time I found this site coinsidently since I have an obssession with M.A.C makeup. I have noticed that all of you guys are nice and I can't wait to get to know all of you and learn some awsome...