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  1. gems2374

    where do i post my swap list?

    i cant find where to do this in the clearance bin-i just get the rules
  2. gems2374

    best picks from last few color stories

    finally getting some $$. ive missed out on the last few color stories- any must haves? the last one i saw was rebelrock
  3. gems2374

    bridal looks

    getting married in may-any fab bridal lloks? im nc 20, brn hair, brown eyes. nothing too crazy
  4. gems2374

    how to use the pro preferred white softening lotion

    any idea how you are supposed to use this? is it a toner, or is it like a mixing medium?
  5. gems2374

    bath and body swap board

    anyone know a good place to talk about bath and body swapping?
  6. gems2374

    best new amplified lippie

    i havent seen the new amplified lipsticks. my old fave is cosmo. which one of the new ones would i like best?
  7. gems2374


    whats a bpal fragrance?
  8. gems2374

    Best new mac product?

    i like the veluxe pearls
  9. gems2374

    new pigments

    Hi Where can I find pictures of the new pigments? Thanks in advance Jamie