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  1. Pimptress

    It's been while!! Fire & Ice

    I was practicing my halloween makeup on my left eye and then decided to do my right eye totally opposite... so here you have... Fire & Ice more and bigger sizes on my flickr let me know if I need to make any of those smaller..
  2. Pimptress

    Should my wedding makeup match my bridesmaids' dresses?

    My bridesmaids are wearing Yellow and Pink dresses click here and here Just wondering about MY makeup. My two favorite colors to wear and I do amazingly are Pink Freeze and Cloudbound. I put them together and it was pretty, but you know, not really dramatic? I know I can make it darker, but...
  3. Pimptress

    Charlotte Hornets? I NEVER wear stuff like this

    I didn't think of this til after but these were totally my favorite colors when I was in 6th grade.......... 11 years ago, haha. So I am a copycat again... I LOVE Ashley_v85's looks and I think she's my makeup idol... I saw her teal, purple eyes (one of her FOTDs) and I thought it looked great...
  4. Pimptress

    Cabaret Red Eyeshadow ???

    In the November 13th issue of Time Magazine there's an article on "Dark Beauty" and how Dita Von Teese is the new face of MAC and there's also a picture of an eyeshadow that's either part of Nocturnelle or suppsed to come out soon.... It's called "Cabaret Red" and it's RED. There's also a...
  5. Pimptress

    Copycat of ashley_v85's "Poison Ivy" look

    I did my best but I really like the way it came out! eyes: (all mac) bare canvas paint base, knight devine e/s, emerald green pigment, golder's green pigment, aquavert e/s, white frost e/s, black black pigment as liner, mascara x, fibre rich lash :::: token black and white image
  6. Pimptress

    Gothic Eye Makeup

    I need as many realllllllly clear gothic makeup examples piled into one place. Or just really, really, really really really really dark and smokey and sort of whorish. Really. I'm dressing like some sort of slutty goth chic for halloween and I LOVE spectra FOTDs but I did all kinds of searches...
  7. Pimptress

    She Shines still available at

    I just thought I'd let you guys know, now that it's safely been 24 hours since I placed my order (so that a million people didn't go on and buy them before I could!) Yeah, I bought Golder's Green and Azreal Blue after using samples my BFF made for me for a few days. I LOVE them. And I broke my...
  8. Pimptress

    h'omg, I must've got stuck somewhere on Cocoa Beach

    so much to my dismay, i actually tried out what tons of people have been suggesting (but this isn't my first trial, this is the first one i actually took pictures of) and used BROWN, NATURAL colored shadows instead of my signature teal or pink look, haha. So let me know what you think. Should I...
  9. Pimptress

    "Mom, have them appraise my makeup too.."

    "it will add at least 3,000 to the value of the house!!" haha. recent conversation with my mom. So... here's my most current up to date collection... ever growing, sadly and much to the anger and frustration of my family and boyfriend!! the "trio" mascaras, eyeliners, paints, mixing...
  10. Pimptress

    What do you have backups of & How Many??

    Just out of curiousity, what everyone keeps and how many you think is a good amount to keep a backup of... For me, my most backups are for Brill. I have 3 backups of it! Also, now I have 2 backups of Aquavert and 1 backup of Waternymph. I also have a backup of Pink Freeze but that was to...
  11. Pimptress

    Don't hate me because it looks good on me

    Haha. I am seriously loving Aquavert. It looks good on me, methinks. I was driving home and not paying enough attention to the road because I was looking in my rearview mirror at my eyes. I made it home safe though, luckily. I dont know what it is. They say if you have blue/green eyes you...
  12. Pimptress

    Best Eyeliner (MAC) w/ PIGMENTS!

    Everyone loves fluidlines and such, but I hate them! HOWEVER I just wanted to let ya'll know what I use and is simply AMAZING. Pigment + 1 drop of visine and 210 brush. Heck yes! Black Black pigment makes the best tiny line of black ever, Emerald Green looks fab with a green themed eye, Grape...
  13. Pimptress

    LA Pro store haul

    One happy MA 12 pan palette 2 4x palettes reflects red reflects blue reflects pearl reflects gold emerald green pigment pink pearl pigment grape pigment 2x mixing medium mascara x goldenwhatever it is that i shouldn't have bought i didn't realize i already have it sky blue stars n rockets...
  14. Pimptress

    Pink Freeze, Pink Pearl, Grape, Stars n Rockets

    Sorry, I really looked like a deer caught in headlights so you only get eye pictures of this one Just got Grape, Pink Pearl, and Stars n Rockets. This combo is...
  15. Pimptress

    Sky Blue, Reflects Blue, Brill, Deep Truth

    Other colors maybe too... closeup: I am so totally LOVING Sky Blue e/s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Pimptress

    Physicians Formula Baked Bronzer (MSF lookalike?)

    Have any of you seen this? It looks almost EXACTLY like an MSF, dome shape and all, with the shimmery veining and all. I bought it today. It's niiiiiice. I can't compare it, though, because I don't own any MSFs. I got "Baked Tan" "Bronzing and Shimmery face powder baked on italian terracotta...
  17. Pimptress

    Nordstroms Exclusives

    Just wondering, since the closest Nordstrom is probably about..... oh, 2 hours away.... Is going TO nordstrom the only way to get the exclusive things from them? And how do you hear about it? They must have special things often because I'm always seeing new palettes and stuff. Do they usually...
  18. Pimptress

    Too Glittery?

    Don't know where to put this... it's about MAC but it's moreso about me... I just have a question. I really can't stop thinking about this since I posted my FOtD's on that other board. Anyway, quite a few people said that I shouldn't use such sparkley eyeshadow. Shimmery, whatever. Glittery I...
  19. Pimptress

    2 years worth of FOTDs :(

    Yeah that's right, I'm going to post 730 pictures. Just kidding. I posted these pictures on a regular forum that I post at... a very large forum... I got a number of various comments ranging from "I love it ! I wish I was experimental" to "I think it's pretty and everything, very talented. But...
  20. Pimptress

    What do I do?

    I'm going up to Marshall Fields today to buy myself my first Coach purse and I thought I'd take another huge step and actually ask for an application at MAC. I am soooooo nervous. I have my makeup done very nicely, I'm going to wear a black shirt. The girls there intimidate me. I am noivvvvvous...