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  1. BonnieBabe<3

    Diamond Makeup sell REAL Mac?

    So I came across this site. I just want to know, is this for real?? It's so cheap! Too good to be true so has anyone ordered from this site? If you have is it real mac? If it is then THAT is my new shopping sanctuary and I'm sure for others as well TIA! <Diamond Makeup>
  2. BonnieBabe<3

    What To Spend $160 On?

    Sooooo my birthday is on Sunday! & my loving boyfriend, he just said I can spend $160 at Mac! QUESTION: Should I spend it all at Mac? Or maybe UD, Bobbi Brown, etc. Keep in mind all I really have are Mac eyeshadows (like 10: a couple browns, carbon, aquadisiac, retrospeck, purple, pinks...
  3. BonnieBabe<3

    Ways to GAIN weight?

    I do apologize if this topic was already posted, but I couldnt find it I'm 5'2" and 2-3 years ago I was a healthy & THICK 115lbs Today I'm barely 100lbs & skinny as hell lol.. actually 97lbs but don't like to admit it.. I've gone to the doctors but nothing is wrong with my health & there...
  4. BonnieBabe<3

    Which MAC brushes CAN'T/CAN be replaced?

    I searched, but couldn't find a thread of Crown Brushed Vs. Mac Brushes.. I found plenty of each but none suggesting which Mac brushes are a must, & which can be replaced by Crown Brushes.. Example: I read that Mac's 224 brush can be replaced with Crown's M7 And I'm sure there are plenty...
  5. BonnieBabe<3

    UDPP does what??

    I've read so many threads and kept seeing that most of you use udpp. Is it a MAC product? I'm guessing it helps e/s stay on longer? Thanks for the help!