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  1. widerlet

    Old FOTD.

    This is pretty old but I wanted to post something since I havent posted a FOTD in forever. I cant remember exactly what I used but I think it might have been: Face: Maybelline Coverstick concealer MAC Bronzer MAC Strobe cream NYX Blush Benefit Highbeam Eyes: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack...
  2. widerlet

    Homer my bro!

    My skin is usually pretty clear..I sometimes get the random pimple (its always in the middle of my forehead for some reason ) Anyway thats not what I'm worried about,my skin is majorly discolored I have the crappiest skin..especially on my face..I'm like Homer Simpson's twin ^See that picture...
  3. widerlet

    Lipglass and Lipstick recs please

    Hey, I finally bought something i had been saving up for so now i have money to spend.. and MAC is where i want to spend it. However i dont know what lipglass and lipstick will look good on me,people recommend Prr but i dont like how it looks and i really want nude lips but my lips are sooo...
  4. widerlet

    My first Specktra EOTD!

    Hope you like it 8)