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  1. kateisgreat

    My Mac Collection

    I've been buying MAC for 7 years. I started when I was 15, most of my stuff is LE & I've just listed what I can find so far which means I've probably misplaced stuff along the way. No pics yet, I'll upload some when I can & add what brushes I have to the list! Here goes... Lipstick: Viva Glam...
  2. kateisgreat

    XMas Haul

    Under the tree this year: Little Darlings: Cool Pigments Warm Pigments Cool Lipglasses Dame Edna: Royal Tour Eye Trio Wisteria Eye Trio Splendid L/G Hot Frost L/G Chill: Wintersky E/S Arctic Grey E/S Icescape L/G Snowscene L/G Frozen Dream L/G Thanks mom and dad
  3. kateisgreat

    My MAC Collection *PICS*

    still growing, more complete pics (some items are missing) hopefully coming soon, with better lighting. Lipglass: flash of flesh oi oi oi crystal rose fleur de light cultured poetic license adventurous viva glam v of corset rayothon bow belle pink poodle elle soft edge Lustreglass: love nectar...
  4. kateisgreat

    Palette Blush

    Wondering how much blush in palette form is at the pro store? I'm in Canada and I just checked the pricing list and they're weren't prices listed for anything.
  5. kateisgreat

    Which CCO?

    Okay so I live in Ontario and I'm wondering, which CCO is better? I heard there is one in Niagara Falls, not sure as to it's exact location I'm guessing Niagara Falls, NY but I've heard it's kinda ho hum. Then there's the one in Buffalo and I haven't heard much of it either. For either one I'd...
  6. kateisgreat


    How does this look to you guys: I was going to bid on another one of her lipgelees (dame...) but decided to look at her other stuff first. Recently she has been saying a lot of her stuff was gwp..since when do you get mac gifts with purchase...
  7. kateisgreat


    So if I were to offer my postcards for sale instead of trade, how much should I ask for them? They aren't very old at all... Lingerie Horizental Mailer Ornamentalism Culturebloom Naturally Eccentric D'Bohemia Rebel Rock TIA!
  8. kateisgreat

    Culturebloom Release Date?

    When is it being released? I just noticed all the stuff online so I hope it isn't already released or I'm gonna have to haul ass outta town this wkend for sure TIA!
  9. kateisgreat

    L/E In Pan form?

    Do l/e shadows come in pan form? I'm sure I remember seeing something on here that they are NOT available in pan form. But when I saw that ebay seller hoanganhcali has some of the idol eyes shadows in pan form I asked at mac and they said idol eyes was l/e. So do l/e shadows come in pan form or...
  10. kateisgreat

    What Is This?

    And when was it released? Just curious because I don't think I have seen anything like it before.. I know it says lustreglass on the tube but I haven't seen packaging like that before and the seller's feedback is private so I was just wondering.
  11. kateisgreat

    My Collection *Updated with Pics!*

    E/S: Meadowland Metamorph Angelcake Pink Pappillon Plum Diana 1 Quad Belle Azure Lucky Green White Frost Electric Eel Humid Black Tied Living Pink Say Yeah Chrome Yellow Paints: Bare Canvas Fluidlines: Black Track Royal Wink Waveline Brushes: 266 L/S: Flutterby Scanty Madame B Pink Freeze...