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  1. blepharisma

    Thoughts on D'Bohemia?

    Hey kids! I was hoping people would post their thoughts on the new colours after seeing them in real life... As usual, I have some questions: - How close are d'Bohemia eye shadow and Paradisco? - How bright is Deck Chair pigment? How does it compare to Melon pigment? Cheers!
  2. blepharisma

    MAC Calendars?

    Does anyone remember the MAC Calendars? I haven't seen a new one in years, but I think I had one for 1997. I just thought of it now... I wonder if I have it stored away somewhere, or if I got rid of it long ago. I just remember how much I loved the photography in it - so much so that I kept it...
  3. blepharisma

    Double Double

    The blush doubles are now up on the website. I'm wondering if they'll fit into the blush pallettes... I really want to get a couple of the double blushes & depot them for my pallette. So many of them look good to me! Which to get????
  4. blepharisma

    CCO in Baltimore...

    Does anyone know if the CCO in the Arundel Mills mall in Baltimore is any good? I'm going to Baltimore in a couple of weeks & the mall is a little out of the way for me to get to... I just want to be sure it's worth going to before I make the trip. Cheers! S
  5. blepharisma

    MAC in Duty Free

    Hey, Does anyone know if there is a MAC in the duty free shop at Pearson airport, in Toronto? Cheers