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  1. allie02044

    if u like Napoleon Dynaminte... lol, look at this!!!!!

    ahhh still laughing.....
  2. allie02044

    Tropical Storm!!!!

    Grrr!!! only 10 days into Hurricane Season!!!!! NOOOOOO Anyone else preparing???
  3. allie02044

    is blueboy paint discontinued??

  4. allie02044

    my new tattoo.... ouch!

    yeah, it hurt. lol the turtle was already there, so i just had my tattoo artist friend do the wave-things for me... we're gonna add some more somethin eventually...
  5. allie02044

    Brush Clutch, or Brush Belt?

    Which should I get? I have about 15 brushes right now, and I add to them all the time. I will be doing wedding makeup and makeup on a movie set all thru june....
  6. allie02044

    Makeup on Movie Set Question

    When they say "composition: kit fee paid" what does that mean exactly? im doing a movie that is basically for networking/exposure purposes, but i was told the kit fee is paid.?
  7. allie02044

    makeup briefcase / knapsack

    I searched already, and pulled up an interesting thread, but does anyone have any photos of these opened (the photoes in the thread are old)?? I dont want to drive 3 hours to just decide im not going to buy one. thanks!!
  8. allie02044

    Anyone Have UGGS? I have a question...

    Whats the difference between CLASSIC and ESSENTIAL? -also, in the Tall boots, how big around is the part that covers your calf? :-) CS is closed, otherwise id just call them :-) thanks!!!
  9. allie02044

    Any design savvy people out there?

    I need help putting together the interior design of a salon. the color scheme is pink, silver and black. (with some white). im totally open to all suggestions. -im using a lot of glass-type things, to get the clean look, but want a trendy, girly feel. i REALLY need help for painting...
  10. allie02044

    traveling with LOTS of MAC, and a toddler... HELP!

    I will be flying 3000 miles, with a TON of makeup, and a 3 year old. I need help, as to how to carry my makeup with me! (i will be doing makeup for a wedding, so i have to bring a lot of it) I have a huge traincase on wheels, but i dont think that it will fit as a carryon, and i DEFINITLY dont...
  11. allie02044

    Anyone have photos of a pink smokey eye??

    For some reason, my colors arent doin it for me. Id LOVE to see a tutorial or something for a bright pink smokey eye. (not as bright at bright fuschia, but brighter than swish, lol) thanks!!!
  12. allie02044

    I need help on Bridal makeup...

    I will be doing bridal makeup on her, the one sitting, in a month. Any rec''s on brightening up her eyes, or anything else?!?? I removed the 'img' tags, the picture was too large. people can click the link to see the pic. greetz, Groupie
  13. allie02044

    Sheer Colour Extract

    I have a few, and was just wondering what they are mainly used for? Thanks!
  14. allie02044

    what is the purpose of cutting back on the topics...

    whats the problem with someone asking a question that was asked 4 pages back? does the site cost more for you guys the more posts there are or something? just wondering!!
  15. allie02044

    New York Christmas Vacation- i have some questions?!??!!

    Hi!! I will be taking my FIRST NYC trip this christmas... we'll be there dec 23 thru the 28 and i was wondering if you all cold give me some recomendations on where to stay, what to do, etc. anything i MUST see, do, any great restaraunts.... i will be with my 4 year old daughter. ) thanks...
  16. allie02044

    my e/s

  17. allie02044

    I Heart Deckchair Pigment

    that is all.
  18. allie02044

    Why is it.....

    Why is it that everyone feels the need to post their MAC live chats?! ARGH. lol I've had 2, just for simple questions, when I didnt feel like looking up the number of my MAC pro, and calling- i dont feel i have to save the convos and post them for everyone.. maybe its just me. hmmm.
  19. allie02044

    MAC necklace - How to make one

    Hey everyone- for those who dont already know, you can make a really cute MAC necklace from the zipper pulls on the MAC bags. My friend who is a MAC employee has one I thought it was really cute, so I asked her if it was new- she told me she just took the zipper pull off of one of her bags, and...
  20. allie02044

    Beau event vs. Next @ Nord.

    U think we'll get neat stuff like the Next @ Nordstrom event?? Im a sucker for free stuff!!