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  1. sheaspearl83

    Mascara X and green eyeshadows...Tartan Tale for NW45/50

    Of all MAC's eyeshadows, the Mascara X is the only that brings me little eyelashes to full volume. It's even comparable to Lancome's Hypnose. I am NW45 and having trouble finding the perfect green eyeshadows. I use the NYX milk pencil and have several paint pots. The three greens that I...
  2. sheaspearl83

    20yo daughter in love, driving me nuts

    Was I ever this stupid? Dating an arrogant jerk and dedicating my life to his needs. OMG, I want her to get a true passion!
  3. sheaspearl83

    New to Beauty Powders; Necessary?

    On Saturday, I attended a class for advanced makeup. I have been purchasing MAC for 10 years and never recommended a beauty powder or LE MSF. Comfort - recently purchased for highlight as recommended by JackieO I am NW45 around my face and NC50 center of face. Hello Kitty Tahitian Sand -...
  4. sheaspearl83

    MAC Trainers Studio Talk 3/27/10 Perfect Makeup

    2 Trainers came to our local counter to teach basic and advance classes. I attended the advanced class and decided to reorganize my prep kit: Skin Care Pro Eye Makeup Remover (requested additional reviews, have always used Lancome's) MAC's wipes - definitely Neutrogena Acne Oil Free Lotion 8...
  5. sheaspearl83

    Help...MAC lipsticks worsened my chapped lips

    I have tried every lip balm, drug store to name brand, including dior addict glosses...should I just try wearing tinted lip conditioners all summer? Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. sheaspearl83

    Really want Peachstock to work

    There was only MUA at the counter and she didn't have any suggestions. I know there is some way to tone down the ashiness, other than covering it with Chestnut liner. Thanks!
  7. sheaspearl83

    Brownsville/McAllen Texas...MAC store? moving

    Moving to McAllen and I desparately hope someone can help me! Thanks!
  8. sheaspearl83

    Purchasing MAC collection for friend...HELP!

    My friend absolutely adores my makeup and has since been trying to create looks with various other brands...She is very special and I would like to give her a gift of a new collection...however, I will have to simplify it for her because she does not have the application techniques down as of...
  9. sheaspearl83

    Foundation for Oily Skin in Louisiana (Cargo, Lorac, or BE are only top choices)

    I am having to replace my MAC NW45. I have tried Studio Fix Powder, Fluid, Mineralized Dark, and keep Deep Dark Blot Powder with blotting papers readily available. The foundation is just no good for my skin. As for everything else, I am fine! So I am going tomorrow to this little Cosmetics...
  10. sheaspearl83

    MAC shopping in Atlanta (July)...Where?

    I really would like to stay close to the Mall that sales MAC but I also want to go to the aquarium, CNN, the Coca Cola factory, etc. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, my sister is a purse freak....but I love MAC...any CCO near also.
  11. sheaspearl83

    Metabolic Weight Loss??? Anyone Tried?

    I am really considering this and would like any info....I'm thinking if I could tolerate the shakes, only if they are non-milk, then maybe it would work along with the vitamins. Anyone with any info including how much you spend a week on avg would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. sheaspearl83

    Recs for creating Jennifer Hudson natural look

    The beautiful eyes, cheeks, and lips...we're a match in skintone I do not know how to link this pic or I definitely would. Thanks I need this look to coordinate a champagne colored bridesmaid dress.
  13. sheaspearl83

    My Barbie finally arrived...

    I am so excited...I got Barbie and the mini makeup pouch! My 8 year old got Sweetness lipglass and the hot pink nail polish! She was so happy!
  14. sheaspearl83

    New colors for nude lips/Bronzer or MSF for highlighter

    I am bored with Viva Glam V lipstick and lipglass with Springbean and 80% liner...I am NW45...any recs, thanks Also, what should I highlight?
  15. sheaspearl83

    Shimpagne MSF and other beauty powders

    I bought Shimpagne because it was really pretty and bronzey looking...but I can only use it as a highlighter for my eyebrows (it's very pretty) otherwise, it looks horribly ashy on my cheeks. NW45 I want to use the beauty powders but I don't know what their use is (my MA has never explored...
  16. sheaspearl83

    Descrip for these brushes 174, 165, 132, 192, and

    a pink blush brush, 235? Are these all discontinued? Also, do you know the original prices? Thanks
  17. sheaspearl83

    Calphalon Pots? for New Cooking Healthier Routine

    I know that there are several stay home Mom's on this site....I am about to make a big investment in new cookware and need all the advice that I can get. 2 sets that I am considering are Emeril or Calphalon in stainless steel. My husband wants the stainless steel. Also, I need a good casserole...
  18. sheaspearl83

    Happy Thanksgiving Specktraettes

    I hope that everyone is having a blessed day. So many are misfortunate and have lost loved ones or have certain negative things going on right now...I pray for myself and each and every one of us that we will gain the strenghth we need to endure. Have a wonderful day full of laughter and...
  19. sheaspearl83


    I really think she turned out a real beauty...
  20. sheaspearl83

    Jewelescent Haul 11/22/06

    Jadeye fluidline Peacocky glitter liner Oxidate glitter liner I truly wish they had navy blue and red glitter liners. Anyway, I'm happy and decided to play a little bit while I'm slow cooking for Thanksgiving!