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  1. sugarrxbomb

    Under $50 SALE to US only-Armani, KVD, Becca, Urban Decay

    Under $40 NEW or Lightly Swatched to US only-Armani, KVD, Becca, Urban Decay, MUFE US shipping only at this time Paypal only please $3.50 shipping plus paypal fees NEW Estee Edit Flash Illuminated Powder highlighter in Heat $10 NEW Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme in Champagne...
  2. sugarrxbomb

    Want to depot ONE lipstick.

    Hey Everyone! One of my lipsticks broke off from the tube and I would like to depot it, but I do not know where I could store a single depot! Does anyone have any suggestions? I really do not want to depot the rest of my lipsticks! I just want to salvage this one! Thank you!
  3. sugarrxbomb

    Prince Noir

    It's coming back? ! Has anyone heard anything???
  4. sugarrxbomb

    Purple Lipstick Warm Undertones

    Hi everyone! I'm so sorry if this is stupid, but I need help! I have brown eyes, auburn hair, tan skin (nc 35). Whenever I try purple lipstick, I think I look like an alien or something. Maybe I'm trying the wrong ones on? Is it impossible for me to wear? Most of my lipsticks are pinks...
  5. sugarrxbomb

    Attempting Winged Eyeliner & BiTE Lipstick in Vidal

    I used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Why is it so tricky for me?? I've been watching videos all day! I'm also wearing Bite Beauty's lipstick in Vidal. This came from the double ended lip duo with Pomegranate on the other side. Sorry if this is too much of a close up.
  6. sugarrxbomb

    Hola from the Chicago Suburbs!

    Hello all! I've been a lurker for quite some time and decided to finally register today to state my confusion with MAC and their LE collections. Anyway, I love makeup (obviously) and am currently extra infatuated with lipstick. I'm excited I'm finally on here!