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  1. oddinary

    MAC in Hong Kong: Avaliable Collections, Release Dates, Locations

    I hope to merge all the HK related MAC info into one post so it'll be easy to refer to later on. Once I get more release dates, I shall edit this post! Hope you find this useful! Release Dates: • Electroflash - 25 Jul • Sonic Chic - 28 Jul Out on display now: • Cool Heat • Heatherette •...
  2. oddinary

    Which face highlighter do you use?

    Recently I've become obsessed with face highlighters, so I'm wondering what is everyone's favourites? Right now, I am loving Lightscapade MSF with Fix+ = pure glow! & I love that Lightscapade is a mixture of colours because it means I can use either a peachy glow, off-white/pale yellow glow or...
  3. oddinary


    It's time I paid some attention to my oddly sparse eyebrows, so I'm looking to invest in a proper product this time! I know a lot of people say pencils for brows are quite harsh and can be un-natural looking, but for me I think it's more convenient. I can save some $$ without buying a brush...
  4. oddinary

    What are your must-have face products?

    What MAC products do you use to keep your skin glowy and radiant? I don't wear a lot foundation/powder but when I do, I just wear a bit of Studio Stick concealer, dust a little Studio Fix on and my Porcelain Pink MSF. You?
  5. oddinary

    An unhappy makeup confession.

    So I don't feel like this is strong enough to put into the Deep Thoughts boards, but I feel like I should write this out sometime. To sum up if you don't want to read this whole bunch of text... I get made fun of when I wear make up and it hurts. I love make up and the reason why I wear it is...
  6. oddinary

    Foundation & powder?

    When it comes to foundation, I'm a MAC newbie. At the moment, I'm still using some low end cheap stuff - but it's not doing the trick for me anymore. There's plenty to choose from on the MAC site - I just don't know what to get. I want something that will help me cover my spots and oily skin...
  7. oddinary

    Closest MAC?

    I know many people like to order directly off the MAC site because it's more convenient for them, but how long does it take to get to your closest MAC? Just wondering! I live in Hong Kong, where they don't do delivery service. Anyways, my closest MAC is 35 minutes away.
  8. oddinary


    hi there! i've been roaming around this site a few times as a guest & finally joined the wonderful community :P i have been into MAC for a few months now and what can i say? i love it. <3 <3 oh, and my name is pollyanna. umm, cya!