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  1. Heather_Rae

    My new love interest...

    Okay, so some of you may know that I got dumped in a very harsh way back in October. Actually, he took several months to dump me and was very hurtful and harsh about the whole thing. I was so depressed. Then, BAM! Look what walked into my life! He is soooo sweet and gorgeous, and he said...
  2. Heather_Rae

    My "I got dumped" photoshoot

    Okay, I got dumped and had my heart ripped out and trampled upon. So, I scheduled to have photos made so that I could shop online for a new Here are the results of the FOTD... More here:
  3. Heather_Rae

    2 days in a row?

    Wow, FOTD's 2 days in a row from me...a new Okay today's include: MAC studio tech NC 37 BE Warmth AV Fresh blush Eyes Almay e/s trio for brown eyes (champagne, lilac, and bronzey-mid brown) BE bark loose liner smudges along lash line on top and bottom outer 1/4 Loreal Lash Out...
  4. Heather_Rae

    My FOTD =-) Trax, Orchidstrate

    Here is my face of the day. Please ignore my wrinkles. I'm 35 and getting some expression lines. I'm going to have to learn to quit being so damned expressive. ;-) I used Studio Tech NC 37 BE Warmth Nars Orgasm Eyes: MAC TRAX BE Tan lines (wet) AV Sugar Loreal liquid liner Lips: MAC...
  5. Heather_Rae

    The Aviator inspired lips of the day. ;-)

    Okay, so I was inspired by the old film noir with red lips and matte face and subdued eyes with black liner. So here is my look at the office today. You think it is okay for a lawyer to wear this in court appearances today? LOL. Face: MAC Studio Tech NW20/Select sheer powder NW20 LIPS...
  6. Heather_Rae

    My First FOTD =-)

    Been lurking for a while, but here are some faces I did this weekend: Here is my before picture -- sans any makeup Here is one look -- b/d upon request ;-) And here is another -- b/d on request