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  1. Gisselle

    Spice Girl Makeup

    Im going to the spice girls concert tomorrow!! floor seating, i cant wait!! anyways, what blush should i wear? highlight color? should i wear lashes too? I am already going to wear: Eyes: bare study PP, plushlash, warm ice all over, and pave as the crease color. blacktrack to line top and...
  2. Gisselle

    Back 2 MAC for Flashtronic?? and slimshines

    info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly. info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Sara. How may I assist you? Gisselle: hi Gisselle: can i back to mac for the eyeshadows from them collection flashtonic? Sara: Hi Gisselle...
  3. Gisselle

    bad customer service

    yes another bad customer service post well long story short, i received horrible treatment at a MAC store in Santa Barbara today. since the store has opened this year, it has been nothing but rude remarks, dirty looks, and being ignored. Today they went too far. They denied my purchase because i...
  4. Gisselle

    Brush Roll

    is it me or my eyes, but has the brush roll changed, because the one on the site looks different than the one i have?
  5. Gisselle

    People who dont know the value of MAC

    ERRRRRR I came home to find my Barbie E/s, 3 of them (that i back2maced, so it was free) on the floor!! and i just called my bf and yelled at him. what is he thinking? he knows how much its worth, what it means to me, and what i could sell it for, yet he seems to have no respect for my priceless...
  6. Gisselle

    you have a mac problem when..

    i have finally realized that my mac collection has gotten out of control. i have filled my mac box and mac carry all. i just got another haul in the mail today and going to order more tomorrow. has anyone reached the point of enough is enough? i dont think i have yet....but with so many...
  7. Gisselle

    PRO stores has she shines in

    The LA pro store has all of the she shines pigments in. i already placed my order ( i went a bit crazy) and i hear they are selling like crazy. The ma i talked to said the place was packed and it sounded like it was. i heard ny pro has she shines too.
  8. Gisselle

    Waternymph e/s--sold out

    Waternymph e/s--gone is sold out online now, these collections are selling out so fast.
  9. Gisselle

    Can't open my mac containers

    I can't open my mac containers, the little 5g clear ones. I have a few, and i screwed them together and now i can't open it. ive been trying for days. any tips? has this happened to anyone else? thanks in advance
  10. Gisselle

    LiquidLast on lips?

    has anyone tried this yet? i tried the pink one today and i like it.
  11. Gisselle

    LiquidLast--out of stock

    aqualine, pop iris, and fushia-ism are temporarily out of stock and its only been a week. i thought point black would be the first to go.... hmm i was wrong... good thing i got 6 liners to play with.
  12. Gisselle

    Sundressing and Liquidlast haul w/ pics!! I love MAC

    Eyeshadows: Relaxing Summer Neutral Bateau Fountainbleu-2 In Living Pink-2 Pigments: Gold Dusk Softwash Grey Liners: Coco Bar Point Black-2 Pop Iris Fuchsia-ism Greenplay Beauty Powers Shell Pearl Sunsparked Pearl Pro Palette Empty Quads-3 and the pigments that i pressed! just wanted to...
  13. Gisselle

    sold out already

    wow--i just checked the mac site and both sundressing pigments are already sold out.. that was FAST
  14. Gisselle

    LA PRO has the new collections

    LA PRO has the new collections, i just called today. i cant get there in person so i have to wait until next week. but anyone who can get there, please post swatches, i wanna see. ps, if anyone is in the santa barbara area, pick me up... ill chip in for gas money lol lol lol
  15. Gisselle

    Late to Class sorry only had time to snap one pic before class, oh well. i used the thunder quad for the eyes lips i dont remember, i think budding and face ssf, 3 blushes, and blot power
  16. Gisselle

    Greens face: SSF, Blot power, and springsheen blush eyes: femme noir, humid, bitter, and steamy, blacktrack f/l and lucky jade s/s lips: little tease and deja rose lipglass
  17. Gisselle

    Nordstroms-this MONDAY

    I sent in my app and got a call back. Its on monday but she didnt say it was for an "interview," she just we would be chatting. and i mentioned on the phone that i was really interested in MAC. I have no retail experience. but im bringing pics of my work. Ive been freelancing for a while, but no...
  18. Gisselle

    beauty marked, lovely lily, hepcat

  19. Gisselle

    I love my Thunder Quad!

  20. Gisselle


    Ive been thinking about applying at my local counter, but i think my only drawback is that i have no retail experience. But i freelance. So i was thinking a portfolio was a good idea. Can anyone post pics of their portfolio's or of the pics they used in it? Im not sure what to include. thanks...