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  1. neeshie

    MAC UK website

    Love it or hate it....its changing to mirror the US site... Personally I hate it, but, whatever. And I e mailed an artist to find out that we are getting the trend f/w 09 collection - can't wait to get that quad - she said it would be online, don't know if it will be in any stores - I hope it is.
  2. neeshie

    Which powder brush?

    I'm looking for a very soft large powder brush. I have the 150 but i find it a little scratchy, What do you recommend?
  3. neeshie

    What about these brushes?

    I read through the guide to spotting fakes and think these are real but would really like your expert opinion. MAC #168 Large Angled Couture BRUSH-NEW!!! on eBay, also Other Brushes, Applicators, Beauty Tools, Makeup, Health Beauty (end time 03-Mar-08 22:53:22 GMT) MAC #239 Eyeshadow & Shader...
  4. neeshie

    Aishwarya Rai's eyeshadow

    I love the look of her eyeshadow in this loreal lash architect carbon gloss mascara ad L'Oreal Lash Architect Carbon Gloss Mascara Aishwarya Rai , Ad, Advert, Video Clip | visit4info | TV/Cinema Any ideas on how to recreate it? (Higher end products available in the UK preferred)
  5. neeshie

    Mac Invisible Set or Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

    I'm NC43 - 45 ish Want a powder colourless face powder that won't make me look ashy. Shortlisted it to the Mac Invisible Set or Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Any darker skinned ladies have any experience using either? Also, anyone know how much the MAC one is? Thanks
  6. neeshie

    Powder help!!

    I usually use loose blot powder or mineralize skinfinish natural in medium dark, or if I'm tan I wear dark. However, right now I seem to be in between them and they both look really bad unless i put them both on and blend. Is there a powder - of any brand - preferably high end available in the...
  7. neeshie

    Dupe for ether wet

    I love using ether from flashtronic wet, so much so that I'm already halfway through my first pot. I only bought one backup, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a dupe. It doesn't have to be MAC, but I prefer high end. Thanks
  8. neeshie

    Anniversary trip from Dallas

    I'm visiting my sister in dallas next month and my husband will be joining me later. We're in Dallas for our anniversary and so I wanted to go away for a couple of days while we're there. My sis is already taking us to san antonio so i don't want to go there - does anyone have any...
  9. neeshie

    Where is the dollymix quad?

    Which stores can I find it in London? Thanks
  10. neeshie

    MAC lipstick dupes for pro longwear colors

    I have 3 of the pro longwear lipsticks and i hate wearing them because they go kind of bitty on me. I love the color of two of them - immovable and overstate and i was wondering if anybody knew of any dupes in the regular lipstick colors. TIA
  11. neeshie

    The taxman owes me some money!!!! looks like I overpaid my taxes last year and i'm owed some money....a whopping £39...however, its more than enough to buy the 3 barbie eyeshadows and the nailpolish i want!!!!!! (I was goin to get them anyway...this just helps me justify them....they're free right...i mean the money had...
  12. neeshie

    I want to buy something!!!!!!!

    I am fed up waiting for nocturnelle...I know its out in the US on the 19th...who knows when we'll get it here in the UK. I bought Deep Purple pigment and eyeliner mixing medium (can't get the hang of using it yet though) last week at the pro store and I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything...
  13. neeshie

    Australian help

    Hi! I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Australia in December and I have to be able to fit in some shopping. The last place I visit is Sydney and so I've decided to do the bulk of my shopping there. Is there anything beauty wise that I have to buy while I'm out there - I'm in the UK so...
  14. neeshie

    Blending brushes

    I'm looking for a good blending brush and have narrowed it down to the 217 or 224. Which one would you recommend - and why? TIA
  15. neeshie

    my mini hauls from the last 2 weeks

    Bought Golders green pigment Dazzleray pigment Violet pigment Chocolate brown pigment Brightside/ Gallerygal duo Shooting star MSF Pompous blue eyeshadow Blue edge eyeshadow Jeweltone eyeshadow Medium Dark MSF x2 waiting for from ebay/specktra: Coco pigment So ceylon MSF swimming eyeshadow
  16. neeshie

    has anyone bought from this seller

    I'm considering buying a coco pigment from tracy 19680/ cosmetic galore and was wondering if anyone else had bought from her. Thanks
  17. neeshie

    Turquatic UK

    Does anyone know when and if Turquatic is out in the UK? Or is it already out? TIA
  18. neeshie

    finishing a tube of lipglass

    I am almost to the end of my Spite and Chai lipglasses. I can't pick any more up with the wand but I can see loads at the bottom and top but can't get to them with the applicator. Is there any way of using these bits up cos it seems like such a waste if you can't. TIA!
  19. neeshie

    vanilla pigment and eyeshadow

    Hi Are vanilla pigment and vanilla eyeshadow similar? Does vanilla eyeshadow have the gold tones that the pigment does? Thanks
  20. neeshie

    Hi from London

    Hi! I'm new around here and have posted a couple of times but have yet to introduce myself. My friend normally come to me for make up advice and now I'm so glad there is somewhere I can go for help. I love MAC and make up in general (Chanel and Bobbi Brown are other favourites) and this forum...