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    MODS: Why were my two other MAC Rec's threads deleted??

    I had three Threads in this area for rec for 1 for Blush 1 for Eyeshadows and 1 for Lipsticks/Lipgloss They were not dupicates and now two are gone :((((((
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    Rec's for MAC or D/S Dupes of Blush for NW20, Brown hair, Greenish Hazel Eyes

    I am building up my Makeup collection and want to find perfect shades of Blush, I want for my Holygrails: 4-6 Blushes. I love to do a different look everyday: Neutral, Pinks, Dramatic, Smokey, Bronze, etc. MAC or Dupes of MAC Blushes that will look good on NW20, Medium to Dark Brown...
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    Newbie here

    Hi I am Kellie a MU Addict and got reccomendations to join here from MUA. I love MAC, recently converted I'm married with two boys & a girl, full-time college student for cosmo and I work part-time.