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    "Think skinny dipping"

    What do you ladies think this is?
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    CCO and Sephora

    Had a day out with the girls had a blast and my husband is a total enabler :) Also waiting on my sigma brush order
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    Estée Lauder gratis

    Can anyone tell me how long it typically takes to recieve gratis after ordering? It says to order by the 9th to get in time for Christmas but I ordered on the 21st and it hasn't been even picked yet...also how often does Estée Lauder do their classes/updates?
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    Losing weight after 2 Babies....

    So I'm not sure how to start this out but I wanted a place to keep track of my progress. Here's a little background info: I had my first baby in nov of 2005 and had no problems losing the weight I was in great shape before my pregnancy and was only 19 so my body bounced right back this time...
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    Losing weight using Video Games

    Has anyone on here tried using video games like the Your Shape for Kinect to lose weight? I think they look like fun and seems like you could lose weight using it but I'm having a hard time finding anyone who has stuck with it long enough to see results...I already own a kinect and a wii and I...
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    true blood promo lippie

    Any guesses as to what color is used in the promo pics for true blood (the ones that just show the lips and chin area on a white bacground) preferably MAC or NARS
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    True Blood Red?

    Can someone help me find a color close to the red on the true blood cover where it just shows the womans mouth? Its an absolutly beautiful red Im suprised im having such a hard time finding the color
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    New Years Day Haul

    So this is from New Years day Im really slow at getting things up! my wonderful fiancee took me shopping and bought me pretty much anything i wanted hes amazing!! From the mac counter From The CCO
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    Do you know what color this is?

    Can anyone tell me what color this is?
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    Can someone help?

    I hope this is the right place to post this but does anyone know if any of the sephoras in the pittsburgh pa area sell mufe and if so which ones?
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    can anyone tell me...

    what shade of lipstick this is? ps-sorry if this is the wrong place i really wasnt sure where to put this!
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    Hello from Maryland!

    Hi my name is Maquela (pronounced Makayla) anyways ive been a lurker for about a year now and finally decided to start posting! I've just recently started using brands other than drugstore and I've learned what the hype is about! MAC=my new love!