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  1. malvidia

    thanks heaven there is makup! [how to conceal a bad, bad cold]

    i seriously looked like a zombie without makeup! i felt very happy that i had makeup to hide the disaster under a layer of foundation and pretty eyeshadows! first look for last friday... face: concealer diorlift 400 miel concealer magic concealer helena rubinstein 02 medium clarins...
  2. malvidia

    the lady in red

    hello everyone this is so unusual for me... it was my first time wearing red lispstick! but i had a wonderful red dress (tres chic!) and i couldn't resist doing black eyeliner and red lipstick! it was good to change for once but i'm not sure yet whether i like it or not. so here comes... [...
  3. malvidia

    going out for dinner with a friend!

    i'm going out for dinner with a dear friend tonight she's late though, so i had time to take some pics & post them right away i rarely match my makeup to my clothes, but i have a friend who does, and she always looks so polished and put together! she often has a hot pink sweater with matching...
  4. malvidia

    makeup = fun

    hello specktra! summer is coming at last, and i'm so happy about that! i'm feeling so colourful lately, and i wanted to show! i don't post very often here (i don't do many intersting makeups in general) but here is a catch-up! the first two are FOTDs and the last two are just eyes beacuase...
  5. malvidia

    neutral FOTD + tiffany-inspired EOTD

    hi everyone i'm posting again! my FOTDs are so plain compared to the wonderful things i see on here oh well, i hope you'll appreciate anyway and will give me advice on how to improve the fotd is from sunday, i went to the digital photography fair (in rome), it was nice and i had a lot of fun...
  6. malvidia

    inspired by verdge's c-shock look :)

    i'm in love with verdge's tutorial and i tried so many times to duplicate it, but results were simply . this time it was a lot better!!! so i decided to post it (i almost never write here, but i always take inspiration from fotds and tutorials!!!) ..:: SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW::.. clickable...
  7. malvidia

    Label Whore FOTD

    i just got too faced e/s in label whore i'm soooo happy about it, it's really beautiful and silky! so today i HAD to try it, even if i only had to go to the library and study eyes: too faced label whore e/s l'oreal blue xenon e/s kohl guerlain - bleu too faced e/l chocolate gloss...
  8. malvidia

    i'm so sleepy i can't think of a title FOTD

    so this is my first FOTD, at last i managed to take a full face (decent) pic! clickable thumbnails of course. face: rimmel hydrasense concealer in light ivory dior diorlift concealer in miel dior foundation diorskin compact n. 300 guerlain terracotta bronzer n. 3 eyes: artdeco eyeshadow...
  9. malvidia

    rainbow EOTD - just trying

    ok then, today i tried to make a rainbow eye on me (just a bit different from my usual brown-grey-neutral makeup), i've seen so many gorgeous rainbow eyes here!!! only problem was i didn't have a real yellow, neither a real red... oh well here it comes anyway, it's not perfect (far from it)...
  10. malvidia

    help: blush look alike!

    hi girls i really, really need your help!!! i guess if there's anyone on earth who can help me, i can find her here! ok, this is the problem: my favourite ever blush was l'oreal blush delice in sugar praline (nougat poudre). well, this blush was discontinued and i haven't found a blush that can...
  11. malvidia

    my first EOTD

    i wanted to make it a proper FOTD but really didn't have time, so here's my first EOTD any constructive criticism is welcome of course! i used milani e/s in storm, sunpepper pigment, shimmertime pigment to highlight, l'oreal eyeliner in black and masterpiece mascara by max factor
  12. malvidia

    mac gift from a friend

    a friend from the us sent me samples of lovely lily and subtle i love that woman! i know her from an italian discussion board (about make up of course! ) and we also met in real life more than once! she is lovely and she always sends me a lot of stuff!!! i'm really happy
  13. malvidia

    hello from italy!

    hi everyone, i'm a make-up addict from italy! i've been reading posts from time to time and decided to sign up. i hope to be able to overcome language problems