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  1. lovemichelle

    How often...

    do you change your skincare routine? I notice that I have to do it about every 6-8 months. I never had acne or anything until about 2 years ago. I first started out with ProActiv and it cleared me up for about 2 months and then my acne got worse so I switched to the Aveeno Clear Complexion...
  2. lovemichelle

    Oil Control Lotion

    Has anyone broken out from this? I started using it and since then I noticed my whole chin broke out. That's the only thing different in my facial routine so I have a feeling its whats causing the breakouts.
  3. lovemichelle

    More MAC

    I couldn't find the recommendations forum, so if this is the wrong place anyone can move it. I have some MAC, but need to buy more.. I defiantly need more eye shadows so if you guys could help me out let me know. Right now the shadows I use are dazzelight, da bling, woodwinked, tempting...
  4. lovemichelle MAC selection

    I'm looking to buy some things from, but I noticed they don't have all the lashes and no pigments.. does anyone know why they aren't showing up or if they don't sell them anymore?
  5. lovemichelle

    Pacific Paradise by Escada

    Anyone smelled this yet? I think it's nice, but if its not then I'm just very behind. I got Rockin' Rio in the summer, but I noticed the smell didn't last too long. How is this one in comparision. Sephora says it has these scents: Kaffir Lime, Dried Victoria Apple, Coconut Sorbet, Physalis...
  6. lovemichelle

    Cell Phones

    Since cellphones now use sim cards could i buy a new phone like online rather then from my service provider? I use Cell One if that helps.
  7. lovemichelle


    Where can I buy a traincase.. in store.. not on ebay.
  8. lovemichelle

    Digi Prob

    I was checking my memory cards status and all my digi cam pics deleted.. what can i do to get them back?
  9. lovemichelle


    Has anyone used the Goldie lipglosses from bath and Body Works? A LJ lipgloss community always has stuff about Goldie, but I never heard of it before.
  10. lovemichelle

    date night

    usually every week on thursday my boyfriend and i go out on a date night.. out to a nice meal, go to the movies, play pool or something. tonight he decieded on red lobster since he's dying for steak and he knows i love crab. he wants me to wear my hair up because of the tatoo so any ideas on how...
  11. lovemichelle

    First Tattoo

    I'm going for my first tattoo tonight at 6pm. I'm scared. Any advice?
  12. lovemichelle

    parking ticket

    i got a parking ticket today so i have a question.. my dad just bought me a car. everything is still in his name.. do i send the payment out (10$) or does he have to? will he find out? i rather him not. i was getting my nails done. i usually park in the back. but it was pouring rain outside...
  13. lovemichelle

    eyebrow stencils

    where can you buy these? what brands sell them?
  14. lovemichelle

    Covering a Hickey

    What should I use to cover a hickey? Yes, I know their gross, but shit happens. I use bare minerals foundation and I don't think that is gonna work.
  15. lovemichelle

    Black Friday

    Anyone go shopping on black friday? I'll be working 4am-2pm (i doubt i will get out anytime before 5pm) Getting up at 2am for work does not appeal to me at all. As soon as I eat Thanksgiving dinner I'll have to go to bed. I never went shopping on that day before and I know after working it I...
  16. lovemichelle

    best slippers

    anyone know of a nice comfy slipper and where to get them? when i get off work my feet hurt and i want somethihg soft to wear.
  17. lovemichelle

    heels and work

    working in 3 and a half inch heels all day on your feet is killer. i honestly can not walk. none of my shoes are good to work in. even the flats i bought hurt.
  18. lovemichelle

    work shoes

    i need a nice pair of shoes that i can wear to work everyday. everything i own now has like 3 inch or bigger heels and thats not good for standing all day. any reccomendations? pics or stores to look at? i want something that can go with everything, nice jeans, skirts, dress pants..
  19. lovemichelle

    Gold Charm

    Who remembers this lipglass?? I just found mine. I loved this gloss, but it has a weird smell.
  20. lovemichelle

    Bare Minerals Heavenly Face Brush$ Does anybody know of another brush like this one, but defiantly cheaper. I can't being myself to spend 30$ on one brush. And something I don't have to order online.. I have an Estee Lauder, Clarins, Clinique, Shiseido, Lancome and some...