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  1. Blondie

    Photoshopping 101: How to "MySpace Skank" up your pictures ++

    K so finals are over, and I have time to leisurely put together a tutorial and be conceited. I don't photoshop my FOTDs but I do photoshop any photos I put on facebook (not many.) Some I have posted here, and I got some PMs on how to do it, so maybe this will help people! In this, I'm only...
  2. Blondie

    Neutral / Covering Up Zits Tutorial

    OK so today, I'm PMSing and have had tons of chocolate and I have a party to go to tonight. I figured I would go out and take some pictures (because it's a cool and pretty day outside) when I realized the galore of pizza all over my face. I'm 17, so I get it quite regularly, but today was just...