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  1. Weasel

    Frieda Rose's lipstick

    hey does anybody know what lipstick this is? MAC or other brands she said it is an estee lauder lipstick thanks!
  2. Weasel

    mac scanty lipstick - real?

    MAC AMPLIFIED CREME LIPSTICK IN SCANTY RARE NEW IN BOX - eBay (item 220190797090 end time Feb-09-08 14:48:33 PST) im hunting down a scanty lipstick and found this the colour looks different - do you think it's real? also, i think that's quite a small price?
  3. Weasel

    "The Originals" shown as perm on the uk website

    on the uk website, all the lipsticks, lipglasses and eyeshadows (bar parrot & clue - which have triangles) are all shown as permanent, no triangles. what's going on?
  4. Weasel

    Christmas [first ever] FOTD - yet another devin girl copycat :p

    this is what I did for a Christmas Party I copied Devin Girl's tutorial CC is always welcome, but be gentle I'm 14 and got into makeup when I joined specktra! (a few months ago) the random brown e/s I used would NOT blend teal looks really washed out, but it isn't in real life this is...
  5. Weasel

    My Christmas Gifts!! **pics!!**

    so I got chocolates, some makeup storage and various body lotions etc. but here's the really interesting stuff, woo!! excuse the shit-tastic picture quality... **I BLANKED OUT THE EYESHADOWS I HAD BEFORE CHRISTMAS** all the eyeshadows are pro pans w00t!! I'm so thrilled...
  6. Weasel

    Weird question... how big are nars blushes?

    How big are nars blushes? I mean as in centimetres/inches, not mass. weird I know, it's to do with buying makeup storage haha
  7. Weasel

    Recs for LEONA LEWIS eye mu from 'Bleeding Love'?

    I LOVED her eye makeup in the video for Bleeding Love (which is now hideously overplayed in the UK, and I still love it) How might I go about achieving her look? I loves it TIA
  8. Weasel

    Do You depot LE shadows?

    Hiya Just wondering how many of you guys depot your le shadows? Or do you leave them in pots?
  9. Weasel

    November Haul ***piccieees!!*** ^^ link to cool palette, pic was too big I gooot SFF in NW15 Cool palette Warm palette Sweet sienna piggie your ladyship piggie engaging mes trifle l/g keepsake (bag not pictured) not pictured: bnib whistle e/s (BLM) fab n flashy...
  10. Weasel

    McQueen up on the UK site NOW!

    i just went on and under the collections tab is 'McQueen'! the products aren't up yet but the tab is so im assuming they're in the process of uploading it! I could have gotten it before from harrods, but I couldn't be bothered to go to knightsbridge mods: please move this...
  11. Weasel

    is this piggie for real? sorry only one pic, im not great at spotting fakes, and im really desperate for some azreal blue, is this one real? thanksss xox
  12. Weasel

    Recs for this look? it's gorgeous!

    i really like this look, and was wondering how i might recreate it? apologies for the girl having her boobs out
  13. Weasel

    I Be Haulin'

    i gooot: Sable e/s Shroom e/s Shimmermoss e/s Electric Eel e/s Moth Brown e/s Foxtail e/l Engraved e/l Wondershine 3d gloss 182 brush 242 brush 217 brush Northern Light MSF Green Gel Cleanser Smoking eyes quad = <3 not bad for a jobless 14 year old LOL you girls in america...
  14. Weasel

    what eyeshadow colours will work on me? *pic inside!*

    hi im very new to mac, and i feel like i cant wear colours on my eyes, for some reason? ive got blue eyes, and i feel like i can only wear neutrals and blues i dont want to waste money on e/s that are gonna look crappy on me, so could anybody help me, what colours would suit me? (platinum...
  15. Weasel

    will bareminerals work for my case?

    ook so i want to try bareminerals, but they shut down all sephora stores in the uk, and the only uk stockist of bareminerals doesnt stock the starter kit, so everything has to be purchased seperately so i was thinking of getting it on ebay, but i want to be really sure it will work for me...
  16. Weasel

    I've Been Lurking! Hello! *I Luv MAC!*

    Heya! I've been lurking here for a little while, but got annoyed that i cant go on anybodys profile, so i gave in and signed up! woo! My name is Tabby =] My Favourite brand is MAC and I live in England =]