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  1. Ursula

    Have you heard of

    A friend asked me if this was real and my guess is that it's not, but I wondered if anyone has heard of them? Bought from them? Thoughts?
  2. Ursula

    Style Black, Black Black Look

    My daughter wants me to do this look for her for homecoming. It's pretty nifty for a night out. I would highly recommend adding the glimmerglass over the top of this look for a bit of shine. I did that last night and it looked really hot. Today was just for fun. I took it to the mall (in...
  3. Ursula

    Illamasque Bing

    I got a new Illamasque haul and wanted to try it out. It was all foundation stuff really and a couple of eyebrow cakes but I had to add to that off course. I am totally in love with the Rich Liquid foundation. I LOVE it. So flawless. And I think it looks better in person than in the picks...
  4. Ursula

    My daughter has found love!

    I am so excited for her. She and a boy she's known, and our family has known for about five or six years are discovering that they care for each other. She's been in love with him from afar for a couple years but he seemed out of reach. He's 21, 4 years older than her. But they are declaring...
  5. Ursula

    When was Lightscapade MSF Released

    Anyone know which Collection this one came with?
  6. Ursula

    Are different Mascara Brands really that different?

    I was just wondering if anyone else wonders whether different brands are really that different or if it's all just a marketing gimmick?
  7. Ursula

    Gone But Not Forgotten Haul

    Yikes, the girls at Specktra have got me jonesing for the things I missed. Soooo, I caved and ordered the following from Gone But Not Forgotten. Spiced Chocolate Quad Plum du Bois Blush Blooming Blush Kirsh Mattene Bing Mattene Squeeze it Lipglass. It's all coming BNIB for the original...
  8. Ursula

    Suggestions for Companies that make nice matte nail polishes

    Anyone got any suggestions for where to find true 'no shine' nail laquers? I can't seem to find any. Or even low shine. I've read butter london but the cost is prohibitive.
  9. Ursula

    Want to change my body

    I have been fat most of my adult life. I lost 70lbs about 9 years ago and that was great Then, I began to gain it back. Just a little at first. In the last 3 1/2 years I have gained about 75 lbs. I'm heavier than I've ever been. I hate it but have no discipline and lots of emotional...
  10. Ursula

    Violet Trance with some sparkling Blue!

    I don't know why I'm on this mission, but I'm on a mission to show that Violet Trance can work well. But ya do gotta work it! Face: Studio Sculpt NW25 Select Sheer Loose Powder NW 30 Studio Concealer in NC 25 Blush is Heritage Rouge Pigment Lips: Wet and Wild Brandywine Pencil On Display LG...
  11. Ursula

    My Youngest Daughter, 13

    We did this for a violin recital a while back. Normally, Maddie looks like an athlete. Kinky curly hair pulled back in a pony, no makeup, t-shirt and jeans or shorts with some good traction shoes. This was FUN! Face is Mary Kay Foundation in 401 with Mabelline Dream Matte Powder in Latte...
  12. Ursula

    Photo Realism smokey green look

    Hmmm, hope you all aren't getting tired of me yet. I've been learning so much simply by looking at everyone's work and working on my own stuff. Thanks for putting up with me! Photorealism Quad Look So I wanted to try the Photo Realism Quad and get a nice smokey green eye look. I also knew...
  13. Ursula

    A little Notoriety

    This is my oldest daugther Melissa, 17. I tried part of the notoriety Quad on her along with some Obviously Orange. She's quite the makeup fiend, but limits herself to blacks and browns mostly, though she does enjoy purple. I added to her brows as she's plucked them very thin and I wanted to...
  14. Ursula

    My Daughter in Sunset

    This is my DD, Kaitlin. She let me do her make-up just for kixx this evening. She’s actually interested in being an MA too. I was inspired by the sunset tonight so went for a mauve, plum, peach and a spot of golden yellow for this look. I was so frustrated because the colors were so bright...
  15. Ursula

    NC25 searches for Illamasqua equivalent

    Hey lady-bugs! I'm hoping someone who is also an NC25-30 can tell me what color they use in Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. Looking at the color swatches on Sephora, I was thinking maybe the RF210, but not really sure and I can't wait till it comes to my hometown. I'm too impatient. I've...
  16. Ursula

    Did anyone else lose Specktra most of today?

    I could not get on Spectra until just recently. I felt lost without my beauty friends. Did anyone else have this experience today?
  17. Ursula

    White eyeshadow base (similar to paint?)

    I'm looking for a white shadow base, without frost or pearl. Just a basic white. Anyone know of a good product for this?
  18. Ursula

    Anyone use NYX eyeshadows or other products?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with NYX products and what you thought of them. They seem very inexpensive which makes me wary, but you never know so I thought I'd ask all of you since ya'll are such an amazing vault of info.
  19. Ursula

    Speaking of Confidence

    I thought I’d try something today that is not what I typically do. At all! I never really like myself in blues, don't know why. But all of you with your wild and crazy eyes inspired me. So this is my first time trying something like this. I’m thinking I did NOT nail it, but maybe someone...
  20. Ursula

    How many think they can wear any color?

    I am just wondering how many people are like me and feel they can get away with just about any color. Lipstick is the only thing that I'm truly picky about that, but even there, I think I can wear almost anything, I just don't actually like everything. Just curious what ya'll experience is...