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  1. rcastel10

    Practicing Wedding Makeup!

    I'm getting married in two weeks so I'm practicing my makeup. Which do you like better? I did a different look for each eye. What do you guys think? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, do you think I should just go the safe way and have it professionally done? Excuse the...
  2. rcastel10

    Help Needed!!

    My sister in law asked me if I could proctice a makeup look for a red dress she's wearing on my wedding. She wanted to have an idea of what she could do on herself that day. Problem is I started applying eyshadows such as shroom, era , patina, etc, but they didn't show up on her. She's...
  3. rcastel10

    Should I be worried?!?!

    I ordered my lure stuff over a week ago and I haven't recieved it. Should I be worried? How long did it take for you to get your lure stuff after you ordered it from the MAC website? I'm so worried that I won't get it for whatever reason because I really want the lure stuff
  4. rcastel10

    Y & Kei and Sundressing

    Here's my latest haul. I don't usually post my hauls but I wanted to post this one.
  5. rcastel10

    Honeymoon ideas

    Hey ladies and gents. I need your help. I'm gettieng married in July and I have no idea where I want to go for my honeymoon. My fiance keeps on asking me where I want to go and I say that I don't know. Can you please give me some ideas of some places that you have been to and some of your...
  6. rcastel10

    Some EOTD's

    Here are some looks that I had saved in my camera. They're not that great but I thought I'd post them anyway. Please please please excuse my eyebrows. I'm trying to let them grow to fix them up for my upcoming wedding. I tried to cut them out in most of the pictures but in some you could still...
  7. rcastel10

    First FOTD's

    This is my first time posting fotd's. It took me 6 months to build up the courage to finally post. Hope you guys like them. I totally suck at taking pictures. I have no idea what setting to take the pictures in. This is from today. I went to go see annapolis with my fiance. The next two...
  8. rcastel10

    My MAC collection

    This is my Mac collection. It's small compared to most of yours but I'm still proud of it. This is my 15/4 palletes Here's a closer look of the 15 pan palletes. Here's my eyeshadows that are still in the pot. It look like a lot cause they're open but it's not that many. Here's a...
  9. rcastel10

    My baby Yorkie This is my baby Yorkie. I've been trying to post pix of him but I don't know how else to do it. I'm kinda computer ignorant. But anywho, here he is. I figured out how to post pictures so here's another picture of my baby. It's a more...
  10. rcastel10

    Ever Opal

    For those of you who bought this, how are you using it? I really like the color and want to buy it but I am afraid that if I buy it I wouldn't know how to use it. Any suggestions would help. TIA
  11. rcastel10

    Make up for holloween costume

    I'm gonna dress up as an angel for holloween so I would like to know what kind of make up, specifying colors, you girls/guys would do or recommend for that look. Anything welcome. TIA!