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    Lipglass vs Lustreglass

    As I was putting on Spring Bean this a.m. this question popped in my head: Why do Lustreglasses have the brush applicator and the Lipglasses have the wand applicator?
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    Pink and gree e/s combos

    What are some pink and green e/s combos? And what would be a good highlight color? TIA
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    Bought it because of the name

    I was on the MAC website and checking out A Muse. Nothing really caught my eye but the MSF. I looked at the l/s and saw 15 Minutes and said to myself hey that's cute. And said I would probably buy it just because of that. Have you ever bought a MAC product because of the name?
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    Say Yeah e/s

    what other MAC e/s are similar in color to it? TIA
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    Elle, Phosphorelle, Vibrational l/g

    very different looking in the container but somewhat close in color when wearing them IMO. If you have either or all, do you wear alone or if with another l/g or l/s which one? Also don't they remind you of Sorcery Shadeblender? Other than Sorcery was in pot form.
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    E/S Descriptions

    I keep a notebook with makeup tips, my collection, etc. I have a description (Ex. Jasmine-Olive with white pearl) of all my e/s except the following: Brill, Guacamole, Intoxicate, Silly Goose. Would anyone please be able to provide a description of those? I have done a few searches and checked...
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    Color-tipped MAC Brushes

    I've noticed that the ends/tips of the brushes in some of the MAC MA toolbelts are colored. Is that to tell whose brush is whose? Or for ease in reaching for a brush and applying, etc? I do know that in one of my brush sets the ends/tips are colored: pink/face, blue/eye, red/lip.
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    Five or six basic MAC brushes

    I am doing a Professional and Personal Dev. Workshop on Makeup 101 for a organization that I volunteer for. It helps prepare women for job readiness. Everything from interviewing to dressing for the job as well as personal and professional coaching. I wanted to use maybe five or six basic...
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    Lipstick/Lipglass Combos

    What are some of your ipstick and lipglass combos? This came to me as I was just applying Magnetique l/g over Euroflash l/s. Some of my favorites are Bronze Shimmer l/s with Clear l/g Chintz l/s with Sinnamon l/g Coconutty with Sinnamon or Oh Baby l/g Freckletone l/s with Oh Baby l/g
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    Must Have Pigments

    I am not new to MAC but new to pigments . I'm a NW43, dark brown hair, w/brown eyes. Here is what I currently have as far as pigments. All are samples with the exception of Coco and Naval Blue. Are there any that I don't have that are considered staples? TIA Black Glitter Blue Storm Bronze...
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    Parrot e/s on ebay!

    Check it out. I don't have it. For those of you that do, is it really Parrot?
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    E/S from the Belle Azure Collection

    I really like the little pots they are in and for the first time won't be depotting. Also is this packaging just for this collection?
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    MAC Quads

    What quads do you have? Are there any you are interested in getting your hands on? I have: Chromezone 1 Diana Eyes 1 I would like to have Chromezone 3
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    Lipstick Application

    Do you apply the lipstick to your lips directly and then use a lip brush to spread it evenly or do you apply the lipstick to the lip brush first and then apply to your lips? I do it both ways.
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    If MAC was discontinued?

    If MAC was discontinued, what brand would you use? Well after I recovered from the shock, I would try to buy what I could to last, and then I would probably use NARS.
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    As a wash

    What does it mean when you use an e/s or pigment as a wash? I have seen that in a lot of posts. Thanks.
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    Coco Beach and Coco Pigments

    I am waiting on my order from Macy's for Coco from the D'Bohemia Collection but while on ebay I saw listings for a Coco Beach Pigment. Is there a big difference between the two?
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    Oonie's Collection

    Brushes #116 #209 #213 (2) #217 (2) #219 #222 #224 #239 #242 (2) #252 #266 #272 #318 (2) #129SH #213SH #224SH #239SH #242SH #266SH #316SH Lipglass, etc Bazaarish Be Seen Beaux Blue Memory Bowbelle Cavalier Chapeau Clarity Clear Courting Rose Crystal Beach...
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    D'Bohemia Bounceback Card

    I received this today with my online order (brushes #222, #272)
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    The D'Bohemia Looks

    Did you see them? This is probably my favorite: Rummy EYES Sophisticated, Pearl, Root, Coco, Rummy, Shade, Zoomblack CHEEKS Cherche LIPS Subculture, Pink Aperitif, Flash of Flesh