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  1. pugmommy7

    All geeked over shu!

    I started collecting after hearing all the buzz,and I am in love! I am working on a nice little stash of e/s and blushes, and am interested in some rouge ulimiteds for summer. I am all about thier pinks! I also want to try that fiber mascara when I use up some of my backlog of mascara.( I am...
  2. pugmommy7

    repairing es with alcohol?

    can anyone post a quick instruction for doing this? I know it has been discussed here before but my board serches have yeilded nothing Thanks in advance. Love, Jennifer
  3. pugmommy7

    Unsquare dupe in perm collection?

    I have just fallen in love with this wonderful chocolatey brown from patternmaker warm eyes palette. I have only just used it for the first time today! i always assumed(i know i know...) it would be too warm toned,but it is awesome one. I think everything else looks too grey by comparision
  4. pugmommy7

    MD Stila lover's?

    Does the Nordies at TowsonTown Center no longer carry stila? I was there the other day and could not find it
  5. pugmommy7

    Laura Geller baked brightness msf-a-likes? i am having palpitations!
  6. pugmommy7

    Accent red,How are you using it?

    I used it as a dramatic blush yesterday. dissapointing. anyone used it in any interesting ways yet? I am kind of "eh" about it. Do I return it? gift it off to my irl bf who i think might like it? swap it?
  7. pugmommy7

    Surreal, so underrated!

    I just wanted to spread the love for this ES. I just love it. I put it right up there with Parrot. anyone else feel this way about a shade?
  8. pugmommy7

    MAC 116 Brush for Applying Foundation

    Dick Page recommends applying liquid foundation with a 116 brush. i am gonna try his method today and report back(Allure Magazinep.126)
  9. pugmommy7

    Venture bros. anyone?

    My fave show The Venture bros.(adult swim/cartoon network) had a MAC shout out last Sunday night! Dr.Girlfriend was applying her lipstick in the ladies room, and when asked about it, she responded, "It's Pink Poodle,MAC makes it". I was in heaven Yes, I am a geek and yes I am ok with that.
  10. pugmommy7

    pugmommy,some assembly required...

    I have decided to embrace 80's bigness w/ my hair as it grows out from my very short spring cut.Thankfully since I am 32, it all came back to me, everything but the aquanet(i prefer tigi hard head *I tried to resize thes please lmk if they are still to big mods What I used: Eyes: Artjam...
  11. pugmommy7

    "80 Bucks Worth Of Makeup..."

    I just saw this lady on cnn as she was having to throw out her makeup while flying out of London today b/c of the terrorist threat. I know how important it is,b/c we all want to be safe of course, but daamn that hit close to home!! "80 bucks worth of makeup...ow that HURT!"
  12. pugmommy7

    Pugmommy's FOTD

    Here is my second day of liquidlast liner as a base!! I am on such a KICK!(thanks colourqueen!) What I used: eyes: greenplayLLL(base), golden olive pigment(lid), Illusionaly mineralized shadow(highlight), gorgeous (gold inner v), Sublime shadow by hard candy(outer "v"/crease) auto-de-blu...
  13. pugmommy7

    conceal or deny?

    When you have a breaout do you use cover up or apply as usual. for year i owuld have said cover up, but i have never been happy with the crusty result. so in my old age(and apparent adult acne grrrrr) I have decided to just act as if they are not there at all and apply as usual. After all I am...
  14. pugmommy7

    whatever happened to silicone primers?

    remember 6 months back when everyone was singing the praises of prep+prime or photofinish silicone foundation primers? seems like now everyone (me included) fix+ and 187(or similar) with fluid foundation. are we just fickle or was it really so great? anyone still using it? is it a seasonal...
  15. pugmommy7

    technicolor LE?vs perm?

    forgive me for being dense, but am i correct in assuming from the triangles, that te shadows are ltd but the pencils are perm?
  16. pugmommy7

    Becca Jewel dust?

    has anyone tried these? if so any pics? they are pricey but look lovely online. TIA
  17. pugmommy7

    anyone ever pressed mineral eye colors?

    as in BE in the manner of MAC pigments? I would love to try this and wonder if anyone has done so successfully? TIA, Love, Jennifer
  18. pugmommy7

    Why we wear it...

    I think of this question often being the makeup lover(esp MAC of course ) that I am and raising two girls who I want to be strong conscious individuals. I always stress that "Mommy wears makeup because she likes it and it is fun,not to be "pretty",because that is not what makes one pretty"...
  19. pugmommy7

    backup of coral grade?

    I am torn, I am not one for backup's,because generally as soon as i use up a great color i can find another or another le comes along,but dayum,I am LOVING everything about this lg!! should I get another before it's gone?
  20. pugmommy7

    Patternmaker,turquatic haul...~whew!

    I just got home from picking up my preorders and had to get the free form iredescent powder and orange lipglass too! I got the pro brush set-so beautiful! the tan lips pallette,I love the compacts, they look antique! and the warm eyes pallette. i zoomed down to the fs store to pick up...