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  1. mufey

    How I'm getting rid of all my hyperpigmentation/scars - no foundation for me!

    So I know that women of color like myself can have a pretty rough time with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. I have acne scars and generally dull looking skin and i've been trying the regimen described on this blog for about a week now and the results are amazing! My skin is so much more...
  2. mufey

    MUFE F&B #34 was a little to light for me, which one shall I try next?

    Everything about shade #34 is perfect for me because it has absolutely no pink in it, it's just a nice yellow/golden tone. The only problem is that it's about half a shade or one shade too light for my skin. Which one would be better? I know that #6 is way too pink for me. I'm a MAC NC40/2.
  3. mufey

    High-end sheer or light foundations?

    Hi guys, can anyone suggest a few high end sheer or light foundations for me? I'm looking to try a new foundation but for some reason i can't find that many sheer-to-light coverage ones. Most lines seem to jump straight from tinted moisturisers to medium coverage So far I have: MUFE F&B Bobbi...
  4. mufey

    Which bronzey cheek colour to choose from these?

    Hi girls, i'm looking for a nice peachy/beige/tan cheek colour and i've narrowed down the choices to these from MAC: Sunny by Nature MSF Sincere Gingerly Buff Can anyone help me decide on which one to try out of these? I'm a MAC NC40/42. Btw i've tried MAC Sunbasque in the past and it pulled...
  5. mufey

    Can someone compare MUFE F&B in 34 and 24 for me please?

    Im ordering from the UK so I have to order online I have 34 and it's almost a perfect match, just a tiny bit too light - like half a shade or less. Im a MAC NC40-42.
  6. mufey

    Tan coloured cream blush?

    Hi, I need recommendations for a tan coloured cream blush or something in that family like a beige or browny peach. I have and love Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Summer Tan and i'm looking for more to add to my collection! Thanks for any recs! xxx
  7. mufey

    Alternatives to MAC MSFN?

    Hi, just wondering if there are any good alternatives to MAC MSFN? I love everything about it but the colour always seems to oxidise slightly on me! I'm a MAC NC40/42 and I match MSFN in Medium Dark. The colour looks great at first but slowly turns darker as the day progresses. The only way I...
  8. mufey

    WOC, what're your favourite neutral blushes?

    I just picked up a sample of a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Summer Tan and it's the perfect 'neutral' blush on my NC40-42 skin! Usually I go for peachy colours but this is completely different and I think it looks great on me. It sort of defines my cheeks in a subtle way that's different to bright...
  9. mufey

    Neutral/nude blushes for an NC40-42?

    Hi, I've been searching for so long but I cant seem to find a good neutral or nude blush for my NC40/42 skin. I'm thinking something in the tan or beige family... I've tried NARS Sertao and Silvana but Sertao was too dark and frosty and Silvana was a bit too shimmery orange. I hear Chanel has...
  10. mufey

    Peach/gold matte bronzers?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a matte bronzer that has a golden or peach tone to it rather than red or brown? Cream or powder, any price! Oh and it needs to show up on an NC42. I like the look of Chanel Bronze Universel but I think it might be too light for my skin tone...
  11. mufey

    Hi from London!

    Hi everyone! I'm a regular poster at MUA and thought i'd come over to Spektra to talk makeup on the WOC board mostly! Um a little about myself.. - I live in the heart of London, just behind Oxford Street. - I'm a student studying English Literature. - I also work for an awesome fashion...
  12. mufey

    Golden toned matte bronzers?

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a totally matte bronzer with a golden tone to it rather than brown or orange/red. Everything i've tried so far comes up too brown (Benefit Hoola), too red (Rimmel Matte Bronzer) or too shimmery (NARS Casino). Do you have any suggestions? I'm a MAC NC40, MUFE F&B 34...