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  1. girlstar

    Birthday Party look!

    Hello girls, On the weekend we celebrated a friend's 21st birthday (wow that makes me feel old since I turn 28 this year!) It was formal-ish (no jeans), so I wore a nice dress I got from Zara The few pictures of my eyes closed did NOT turn out at all, so sadly I only have full-face ones...
  2. girlstar

    Help with Maxi Dresses

    Hi girls! I've been invited to a "Garden Party Style" wedding at a winery in June and I am having a horrible time finding something to wear. I saw a beautiful floral maxi dress in Zara the other day (it's strapless, silky material, and covered in bright flowers on a white background). (I can't...
  3. girlstar

    My Chartreuse Violet - Feb.21

    Hey all Here is my FOTN for tonight.. went out to dinner with the boyfriend and then to a bar where he plays in the bar billiards league Face: Mineralize Satinfinish NW20 MSF Light Cheeks: MSF Glissade Eyes: Browning for brows (but ignore them, please!) Bare Canvas paint True Chartreuse...
  4. girlstar

    I'm a Fafinette!

    All the cute pictures of Fafinettes on the Fafi packaging are really inspiring, and I thought doing this would be the perfect way to break in my Sea Me s/s! It's been forever since I put lashes on and I just didn't have the patience for it at 10 pm, so excuse the wonkyness. I was pleased with...
  5. girlstar

    Christmas/Boxing Day Hauls!

    Hey girls, I was in Canada for Christmas with the fam and got a few things.. it's been crazy so I haven't been able to post until now My mom got me the pink lips palette from Royal Assets, and I bought the rest with a $100 giftcard she got me Light Natural MSF, Emote blush, Valentines...
  6. girlstar

    9.19: Birthday dinner FOTN :)

    Yay, yesterday was my 27th birthday.. ugh.. I'm getting up there!! A bunch of us went out for Chinese.. we went to a proper Chinese restaurant that did 6 courses!!!!! I've never had that before. And the waiter asked me to taste the wine and say if it was 'up to my standards' or not! Whaaaat...
  7. girlstar

    Birfday haul!

    I have been dying for Going Bananas for ages. Guess what my bf got me for my birthday? (Among other things, of course!)
  8. girlstar

    9.18: FOTN for dinner with the bf's parents :P

    Hey everyone I haven't FOTD'ed for a while! Everything has been soo crazy since I moved over here, and on the weekend, we're moving into our own apartment *finally* :woohoo: Yesterday, we went over to the boyfriend's parents' house for dinner. I wore my new shirt from Primark.. oh my god I...
  9. girlstar

    Big Tilt

    I decided to fool around with Big T today.. and here is the outcome It's definitely much more vibrant than it looks in the pictures..I hate how cameras do that! Face: MSF natural in Medium MSF in Glissade Studio finish concealer, can't remember what colour Eyes: Bare Canvas paint...
  10. girlstar

    I have been having the sweats.. oh.. and the nightmares..

    It's been forever since I hauled anything!!!!!!! AHHHH! I've been saving up all my money because I'm applying for a UK visa, and I had to be able to show the Embassy that I have enough money to sustain myself, so NO MAC! The last haul I had was Orchidazzle from Strange Hybrid/Iris Accents from...
  11. girlstar

    Strange Hybrid party Haul/London Pro Haul

    Okay, so it's been a while since I posted a haul, forgive me! Tonight I made it to the Strange Hybrid event in Toronto. I limited myself to only buying two items though, because I am moving to the UK in fall and I need to save money! Good thing that nothing really interested me from SH.. but...
  12. girlstar

    Free shipping for Canadians?! (Finally!)

    Hey girls, A friend just pasted me this.. FREE SHIPPING WITH ANY PURCHASE Email exclusive offer! Receive Free Standard Shipping with any purchase. Valid through midnight EST Saturday, April 28th on orders shipped to Canada addresses only. Use offer code GLAM7 at checkout. -- I haven't tried...
  13. girlstar

    Strange Hybrid invite

    Hey girls, I just recieved the Strange Hybrid invite today for MAC Pro Toronto. I didn't get a chance to call tonight, but I am going to try to call tomorrow and hopefully I can still get in. My question is, what do I expect? I have never been to one before. More importantly, what should I wear?
  14. girlstar

    Barbie and the Rockers

    I got my Barbie in the mail from MAC today.. woo! So here it is, with the e/s I bought on Tuesday. I may or not be going back for more.. it's undecided :/ I wish I had the money to buy backups - one set to use, one set to save. I don't think I am going to be using these e/s yet.. I am gonna...
  15. girlstar

    Boxing Day Haul!

    I just got back from Boxing Day shopping - whooo gotta love it I ended up getting a lot less from Danse then I expected.. the e/s were just boring neutrals to me.. not even nice pastels, which was what I had expected I did, however, get the new concealer palette, and my counter had the new...
  16. girlstar

    Christmas Lush Haul

    I got a tonnnn of Lush for Christmas (no MAC, but that's because I didn't ask for any). So, this is my pride and joy for today:
  17. girlstar

    My first 15 pan palette!!

    Well, I bought one of these at the Pro store yesterday, and tonight I finally took the plunge and depotted all of my eyeshadows (except Jest, which is in an old screw top style pot and I don't know how to do those). So here it is And yes, I do have Danse marked on the calendar (if you...
  18. girlstar

    Really boring Pro store Haul :)

    I was in Toronto yesterday and visited my favourite place And walked away with: One 15 pan palette. Guess who will be doing her first depottings ever!!! Studio Fix Fluid in NW15. Wow, I was an NC20 in Studio Finish Matte. Golden Lemon pigment. The MA had no idea it had been discontinued...
  19. girlstar

    CCO Haul..

    No pictures, sowee Was over in the States today at the Niagara Falls CCO and picked up: Graphic Brown fluidline Mercuric glitter liner Early Bloomer lipglass Lavender Sky e/s
  20. girlstar

    The new "Classics" bags.

    Did anyone buy any of these yet? I'm really interested to see some pics.. especially of the Carry All.. I'm thinking of asking for it for Christmas. Anyone?