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  1. Courtney <3

    my "im doing really good in school" haul

    my local mac counter had a style it up class last weekend, and since im doing so well in cosmetology school, my parents signed me up and paid for the class :) heres what i got. sorry no pictures :( smolder eye khol the green superslick eyeliner (forgot the name!)...
  2. Courtney <3

    i need some help...

    this morning, my boyfriend, mom, and i went out and about. my boyfriend got a call from one of his very best friends saying that his grandpa had passed away. now my boyfriend is very very close to his grandfather. he bought him his first car, and another car when he graduated high school, and...
  3. Courtney <3

    My look.

    I really wanted to take a pic of this, but i just didnt have time. i might re-do tomorrow just so i can show yall. anyway heres what it consisted of. Face: MAC prep and prime Boing conceaer MAC studio tech Hard Cabdy powder Some no mame blush Eyes: UDPP in Sin (lash line to brow bone)...
  4. Courtney <3

    Hi everyone!

    HI! i'm Courtney. Ive just started out loving makeup just recently. I plan on going to school for hair and makeup here soon. I've been lurking here for a few weeks and finally decided to say hi!!! i've already learned so much. i hope to learn more! warm wishes to all <3