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  1. hairbands4ever

    Hi from the Buckeye State! :-)

    Hi ladies (and gents)! My real name is Jennifer and I'm from Ohio. I joined last May but kinda forgot about it for a few months, then when I remembered, the site was running realllly slow (at least for me) for awhile! It seems to be working great now. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself...
  2. hairbands4ever

    Who carries good handbags under $40?

    Besides eBay, please I'm not looking for anything unique, trendy or traditional is what I go for. I switch way too often to spend much on any single bag! TIA!
  3. hairbands4ever

    Stila d/c'ed their fragrances, right?

    I don't see them on their website so I kinda figured. Anyway, I purchased some samples of Creme Bouquet, and they just smell a Just wondering if they've been off the market for awhile? Maybe they're a bit past their prime.