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    Evil FOTD + new hair

    So I whipped out the old devil costume for a friend’s fancy dress birthday party but I was pretty enamoured with my makeup, so I thought I’d show it off. Used: Dark Soul pig Melon pig YSL touché éclat MAC mineralise foundation Liquid eyeliner in black Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara I was also having...
  2. Nails

    Need urgent help with fake MAC Paypal claim

    I bought some MAC off eBay (mistake #1) and later realised it was fake. Now, I've spoken to the sller and that didn't really work out so I've escalated it to a claim. Now Paypal is telling me I need a letter from "an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer, appraiser, or organization that is...
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    Post your piercings!

    Couldn't see this thread but we have a tatts thread and I know people have piercings here so time to show them off. This is a pretty terrible OP coz my only major body piercings are my nipples! So I can't post them...but show off yours and tell us about ones you want!
  4. Nails

    Moved from Bathroom to Bedroom! Pix thumbnailed!

    I decided that keeping my make up in the bathroom in a six set of little drawers was driving me three kinds of crazy so I moved it to the bedroom. Now, my room doesn't have much in the way of decent lighting so I grabbed a desk light and put it on the TV bracket that I don't use. I realised I...