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  1. Bexx

    Where oh where is Chelsea????

    Anyone seen her oh heard from her??? Whats uppppppppppppppp?
  2. Bexx

    OK who wants to do a weight loss challenge?

    I am thinking have a goal date and we can support eachother. I was thinking something like the first goal date to be May 1! WHos in? Diet modification, exercise and it is always good to take yer measurements. Whaddya say? Any takers?
  3. Bexx

    Where is Chlesea?

    I havent seen her on here in like forever? Hope all is ok!
  4. Bexx

    First FOTD

    Ok here ya go! Suggestions welcome BIG TIME! Hope it works! Face: MAC studio fix & MAC concealer Cheeks: MAC Cubic Eyes: Bare Canvas base Moons refelction, Tilt, Deep Truth (outer V and to line) and Shroom to highlight. Lips: bare in this pic (oops!)
  5. Bexx

    Camera settings

    Hey all. I recieved a digi cam for christmas finally! Nikon 5600. HOw on earth do I take great pics for FOTD? I am so excited to be able to finally do this! Please help me out! Thanks BExx
  6. Bexx

    Gweny Gwen Gwen

    I am goin to Gwen Stefani on Sunday (WOOT) and I am having a hard time thinking of what to do with my MU. My pic my Av, any suggestions wouold be MUCHO appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Bexx

    What the Bleep do We KNow

    Anyone seen it? Discuss!
  8. Bexx

    Hey all! Need help with Sumptious Olive

    I seem to have misplaced my creativity! What can I pair this up with? I have Dark brown eyes and hair, NC20! Thanks lovelies!
  9. Bexx

    Biotherm Q's on specific products...can U help?

    I am very curious about a few products: I have the following: Source therapie (eye cream) Biopur gel crystal cleanser Biopur exfoliant Biopur toner Aquasource Mositurizer Can someone tell me what these claim to do specifically? I have an oily T zone and the sides of my nosse/sheek area gets a...