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    I've Got Some BLU's For YOU!

    Hi Again! This is a random look I did inspired by the clouds I saw when I woke up in the morning The clouds look amazing! There's a picture of the clouds at the end, haha. Enjoy Face: Fun & Games BPB Eyes: Parrot e/s - Inner third + Lower lashline Aquadisiac e/s - crease Deep Truth e/s -...
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    Very simple, almost nothing makeup. :) FIRST FOTD

    Hi guys! This is my first FOTD EVER! Typical of me, I changed my clothes! aha Products Used Cheeks: Perfect Topping as highlight Eyes: Rule e/s in the crease Shroom as highlight Blacktrack fluidline Covergirl Lashblast Mascara Lips: Creme d'Nude Mimmy lipglass My camera isn't very great...
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    MAC Ripping Us Off?

    Is it just me or is it that all my newer lipglasses/dazzleglasses look like they are not filled up all the way? Before I even opened my HK lipglosses, it had a centimeter length airbubble in it. I'm pretty sure my older lipglasses didn't have that. Does anyone else have this?
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    NARS cares about your sex life.

    Okay so I just checked the Sephora site and went to NARS and peed myself. I don't know if anyone talked about this yet but for reals NARS is selling condoms with their Multiple stick in Orgasm. Its called the "Safter Set" which comes with 2 condoms that costs altogether $37(same as the normal...
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    Forgetful Much??

    This is kinda been bothering me for a couple of weeks now, but I'm not sure if its anything serious. Since school started, my short-term memory is like gone. For example: I could just be thinking about which makeup site to go on next but then I'll totally forget like friggin 3 seconds after and...