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    Updated makeup collection!

    My collection has grown.. alot since the last time I've posted it. (Not saying thats a bad thing ) I've been collecting since November '07, so this is about a years worth of collecting. Hereeee we go! greens pinks/oranges/yellows (i never wear them, which is why i have.. none) browns...
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    My 1 year old MAC Collection :)

    purples/pinks neutrals browns greens <3 lipsticks lipglass/lustreglass (i hate stuff on my lips, if you couldn't tell) DAZZLEGLASS (okay, besides these ;P) lip pencil & 3N in a jar MSFs <33333 (i have gotten stereo rose and lightscapade since this was taken) blush, nom nom...
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    My new makeup area :)

    wow i need to update this :P
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    "Back to school" haul :)

    Hi girls! This is my first post My cousin and I went to the MAC store this weekend and did some serious damage, but that's okay. I'm going to try to not buy anything after this until Red She Said comes out. (Hopefully..) Onto the pictures! everything eyeshadows (L-R, top to bottom) grand...