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  1. beauty_marked

    EOTD: Black and gold

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted in forever! But I wanted to share my EOTD, so here it is!: MAC Vanilla pigment Alima Cosmetics eyeshdaow in Camel MAC eyeshadow in Carbon Revlon colorstay eyeliner Clinique and Estee Lauder mascara
  2. beauty_marked

    Glamour basics set, worth it?

    So im having a hard time deciding wether or not to get this set. The new price tag def dosent hurt my want for it. Is Belightful worth it? I have Albatross from NARS and i pretty much love that. how does it compare? and what is the brush like? Am i just better off buying the brush on my own...
  3. beauty_marked

    The Real Housewives of Orange County

    Tuesday!! 11/25!!!!! yeah, Im addicted to these shows, but I NEEED to get this off my chest. Dosent the new HOusewife remind anyone of HEATHER! Yes, that Heather
  4. beauty_marked

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    SOOO. I saw the preview episode today. and wow. I have to say Im not really feeling the new cast of women. The season premieres Oct 7th. Did anyone else see the preview?? What do you think??
  5. beauty_marked

    Juicy Couture now in PLUS

    So i was just surfing the Nordstrom website, and lo and behold Juicy is now making clothes in plus sizes!!!! I think its nice to see desginers really designing for everyone!! So far they only have tracksuits, and they are pre-order if anyones interested
  6. beauty_marked

    No money haul!!

    -Prep and Prime lip -Pretty Miss nail polish -Gentle Shimmer which was a B2M THAT I HATE!! because it looks like nothing on my lips, and i wanted to B2M for a different slimshine but the MA wasnt paying attention. oh well. -Stubborn Brown PowerPoint -Soft and Slow from Neo Sci Fi which i...
  7. beauty_marked

    oh boy oh boy COOL HEAT is up on

    Why dont i get paid till next week????? boooo. happy shopping ladies
  8. beauty_marked

    Living Lohan

    I know theres only two episodes so far, but anyone else watch??
  9. beauty_marked

    New Bare Escentuals for Darker complexions

    So I just checked my email and theres an email from Sephora stating that BE has extended the shades in its ever popular mineral foundation. Im actaully very excited to hear this for many reasons. I think the biggest reason is that its nice to see when someone (aka cosmetic retailers) recognize...
  10. beauty_marked

    can anyone with great LV knowledge tell me if this is legit??

    Louis Vuitton Damier Riberia TIA!!!
  11. beauty_marked

    Can Anyone Id The Maker Of These Pants!?!?!

    They are in all of the "So you think you can dance ads" they are camo capris with a red flower on the leg : FOX Broadcasting Company FOX Broadcasting Company please help!!! THANKS LADIESSSS!!!
  12. beauty_marked

    Procrastination at its finest

    So i kinda have finals this week. But yesterday after class i went to Ulta to take advantage of their sales. I was eyeing the prestige eyeliner and they were buy one prestige cosmetic get one free. So i got the "morada" e/s duo and i LOVE IT. Its a pretty lilac purple and and a darker kind of...
  13. beauty_marked

    Smokey Fuschia

    I think this was my first time using pigments for a complete look: PRODUCTS USED: EYES: -UDPP -MAC Studio Moisturecover concealer in NC45 -Pigments in Fuschia (applied wet using fix + and mixing in the lid), Accent Red, and Dark SOul -Mascara in L'Oreal Voluminous -MAC eyekohl in Smolder -Ardell...
  14. beauty_marked

    Can anyone identify this MAC lustreglass shade

    On the Nordstrom Website, what is the color that is featured for the Lustreglasses M·A·C 'Naughty Nauticals' Collection - Naughty Nauticals - Nordstrom Thank YOUUUUUUUU
  15. beauty_marked

    Long MAC vent.

    So one day after work i decided to go the mall and stock up on Sock Hop l/g and Lollipop loving l/s from Heatherette. Theres a freestanding store in the mall, but I decided i would just run into Bloomingdales since the MAC counter is right as you walk into the store and the mall was packed...
  16. beauty_marked

    FOTN from 3.29

    [FACE] MUFE mat velvet in #75 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark [CHEEKS] MAC Fab blush from Barbie loves MAC [EYES] UDPP NYX eyeshadow pencil in Gold MAC paintpot in Blackground MAC e/s in Amber lights MAC e/s in Black Tied MAC e/s in Carbon MAC fluidline in Blacktrack MAC eyekohl in...
  17. beauty_marked

    Transferring MAC paintpots into travel jars

    So, I have 2 paint pots that i do not care for whatsoever. I think i may use them in the future but im not sure. So i was wondering if transferring them into the travel jars MAC sells would affect their consistency over time...would doing this cause them to dry out faster or will they be ok...
  18. beauty_marked

    help getting started on YouTube

    So im trying to get started on YouTube. I just had some basic questions, like: -Do you use your camera or a webcam to record videos? -what programs do you use to edit them for time and text and intros etc. if anyone can give me some help and tips i would GREATLY appreciate it!!! TIA
  19. beauty_marked

    Inspired by Francine (kuuipo1207)

    So i recently bought NYX silver eyeshadow, because i felt the need to own a silver e/s. but then i couldnt figure out what to pair it with that didnt make me look outrageous. Thankfully i came across (And suscribed to!) kuuipo1207 aka Francines youtube channel. thanks so much for the...
  20. beauty_marked

    MAC Satin Taupe vs NARS Ashes to Ashes

    Is it just me or are these 2 shadows basically the same color?? is it worth having both of them?? helpppp!!